Spotlight: Deepika Chauhan of Digicert on the Challenges of Securing the Internet of Things

There’s an epidemic of insecure Internet of Things devices. But why? And what is the shortest path to ending that epidemic? In this Spotlight Edition* of The Security Ledger Podcast, we speak with Deepika Chauhan, the Executive Vice President of Emerging Markets at DigiCert. Her job: forging new paths for the use of public key encryption to secure Internet of Things ecosystems.

The Internet of Things is poised for massive growth in the years ahead, as billions of new, connected devices come online including physical infrastructure, medical devices, connected vehicles and – of course – consumer goods like home appliances and wearable tech.

Deepika Chauhan DigiCert
Deepika is the Executive Vice President of Emerging Markets at DigiCert

Concerns about security and privacy threaten to undermine that growth, however, with polls of consumers and the public revealing deep reservations about the security and trustworthiness of connected devices.

Deepika Chauhan knows all about those challenges – and the possible solutions to them. She is the Executive Vice President of Emerging Markets at the firm DigiCert, where she leads that company’s initiatives and strategy in adapting PKI to the Internet of Things market and driving Digicert’s overall strategy.

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Security Ledger had the chance to sit down for an interview with Deepika on the sidelines of the recent RSA Conference in San Francisco. In this spotlight podcast, we’re bringing you that interview. In it, Deepika talks about the unique security challenges of the IoT presents and the factors and habits that are contributing to epidemic IoT insecurity.

At the most basic level, she notes, connected device makers often lack an interest in security as a feature of their products and focus more on functionality and time to market.

In this podcast, we also talk about Deepika’s path to the software engineering field growing up in India, the information security industry, her experience as a female engineer in the male dominated techn industry and the important role of mentors in fostering professional success and the security industry’s struggles with diversity.

Check out our full conversation above!

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