About Security Ledger

Welcome! The Security Ledger is an independent security news website that explores the intersection of cyber security with business, commerce, politics and everyday life. Security Ledger provides well-reported and context-rich news and opinion about computer security topics that matter in our IP-enabled homes, workplaces and daily lives.

Founded in 2012, The Security Ledger has been recognized for breaking coverage of security-related issues, including leading edge coverage of security as it relates to The Internet of Things. We were voted a Top 100 Information Security Blog in 2017. Security Ledger stories regularly appear on the front page of Slashdot.org, as well as Reddit, Techmeme, and other leading technology news sites. We have also been recognized by leading industry publications for our pioneering work as an editorially independent, privately sponsored news website. If you’re interested in becoming a Security Ledger sponsor, contact Trecia (trecia@securityledger.com) or visit our Sponsorship page to request a copy of our Media Kit.

Pitches and Story Ideas

The Security Ledger is editorially independent. We’re always open to ideas for sponsored or contributed thought leader articles, or talking to smart people working in the security industry (researchers, executives, etc.). If you’ve got an interesting story idea, feel free to let us know! If you’re a freelance reporter with an interesting security story and are looking to pitch it, use the Contact page to reach out. We’ll get right back to  you.

How Security Ledger makes Money

Since it was founded in 2012, Security Ledger has been a for-profit, independent information security news website. This means that we publish factual, unbiased news free of influence by any company or interest.

Like other for-profit publications, we are supported by our sponsors. That means providing services to them in a variety of forms, from content on our website to special reports and collaborative works, to podcasts and webcasts to advertisements that may appear alongside story content or in newsletters or social media posts.

What form do these sponsorships take? This section of our web site will explain how and where you might encounter sponsor content on our site.

Display and in-line advertisements

The most noticeable sponsor content on our web site comes in the form of display advertisements and other sponsor branding. These might take the form of banner or sidebar ads that appear alongside or above individual articles or on The Security Ledger homepage. You might also encounter pop-up or inline text-based advertisements and solicitations that link to sponsor content on Security Ledger or within Security Ledger articles. A list of our current sponsors appears on our homepage under the heading Thank our Sponsors.  You can also review which companies are currently sponsoring Security Ledger on our Sponsors page.

Sponsored Content

In addition to display and in-line advertisements, Security Ledger sponsors may contribute sponsored content such as opinion pieces (Op-Eds) and thought leadership articles as well as videos and blog posts. These are marked as as such (opinion, thought leadership, industry perspective).

Where a sponsor relationship exists, it is indicated, typically up front (say in a video or podcast) or in a footer at the bottom of a blog post or long-form piece. Where Security Ledger sponsors are underwriting specific long-form pieces like white papers and research reports as part of their sponsorship agreement we disclose that visually (for example, with the sponsors logo on the cover page) and in writing.

Sponsored Events

Finally, Security Ledger helps sophisticated firms conduct in-person and online events. This includes our Security of Things™ Forum as well as online events like Webinars. We occasionally provide coverage of vendor-specific user and customer events as well. When our coverage of an event is in part or whole the product of a sponsorship arrangement we’ll let you know both visually and up front when attending that event online or in person.

How Paul makes money

In addition to his work writing for and editing the The Security Ledger, Paul Roberts has, since December 2021, served as the Cyber Content Lead at ReversingLabs, a cybersecurity software and services firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is a full time, salaried employee.

Additionally, Paul is the publisher of Fight to Repair (fighttorepair.news), a subscription newsletter that covers the struggle to win a legal right to repair.

Paul also works on a consultative- and contract basis with companies that are not Security Ledger sponsors. This work may include the creation of reports, blog posts, podcasts, webinars and other content.

Should companies with which Paul is actively and professionally engaged also appear in- or be the subject of Security Ledger news coverage, directly or indirectly, Security Ledger’s policy is to fully disclose the existence of the relationship at that time in the story.