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Welcome! The Security Ledger is an independent security news website that explores the intersection of cyber security with business, commerce, politics and everyday life. Security Ledger provides well-reported and context-rich news and opinion about computer security topics that matter in our IP-enabled homes, workplaces and daily lives.

Founded in 2012, The Security Ledger has been recognized for breaking coverage of security-related issues, including leading edge coverage of security as it relates to The Internet of Things. We were voted a Top 100 Information Security Blog in 2017. Security Ledger stories regularly appear on the front page of Slashdot.org, as well as Reddit, Techmeme, and other leading technology news sites. We have also been recognized by leading industry publications for our pioneering work as an editorially independent, privately sponsored news website.

Our Editorial Policy

The Security Ledger is editorially independent. We’re always open to ideas for sponsored or contributed thought leader articles, or talking to smart people working in the security industry (researchers, executives, etc.). If you’ve got an interesting story idea, feel free to let us know! If you’re a freelance reporter with an interesting security story and are looking to pitch it, use the Contact page to reach out. We’ll get right back to  you.

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The Security Ledger is supported by our sponsors, who underwrite the reporting we do. Those underwriters may well be for-profit entities that wish to reach our readership. In exchange for their support, sponsors may display their logo or other content, such as sponsored links, on securityledger.com. But, in all cases, that content will be clearly labeled as sponsor content and will be separate from our editorial content.

In addition, Security Ledger sponsors may underwrite specific long-form pieces, webcasts, podcasts and other content as part of their sponsorship agreement. In all cases, underwritten content will be designated as such.

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If you’re a company that’s looking to reach a sophisticated audience that’s interested in issues concerning cyber security consumers or in key verticals such as health care, government, critical infrastructure and finance, consider becoming a Security Ledger sponsor.

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