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Paul Roberts, Editor in Chief, Founder

Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts

I have spent the last decade covering hacking, cyber threats and information technology security, including senior positions as a writer, editor and industry analyst. Most recently, I served as editor of and a Security Evangelist for Threatpost’€™s corporate parent, Kaspersky Lab. Prior to that, I spent three years covering the enterprise IT security space as a Senior Analyst in The 451 Group’€™s Enterprise Security Practice, where I covered trends and technology developments in the security market, with a concentration in endpoint security. I have held positions as an editor and senior writer for and Ziff Davis’ I was a U.S. Correspondent for IDG News Service where I covered the security beat for IDG’s global publications. I began my reporting career as a news intern at The Christian Science Monitor’s Monitor Radio.

Prior to donning a reporter’€™s cap, I spent eight years working in the high tech field as a technical writer, trainer and communications specialist for firms including Cisco Systems, Logica and SteelPoint Technologies (now part of HP). I am frequently interviewed about trends within the cyber security space and have appeared on NPR’€™s Marketplace Tech Report, The Boston Globe,, Fortune Small Business, as well as ZDNet, Computerworld, CIO , CSO and I was, yes, a guest on The Oprah Show but that’€™s a long story.

Personal Disclosures:  

As my biography makes clear: I worked in the high technology field before becoming a reporter who wrote about high technology. Specifically: I worked for Logica PLC (now part of CGI Group), SteelPoint Technologies (now part of HP),  Cisco Systems (still just Cisco) and Kaspersky Lab, where I edited I also was a technology analyst for The 451 Group. Insofar as that prior work experience may color my writing about the technology industry in general or those companies, specifically, consider yourself “informed.”

I have also, on occasion, written on contract basis for technology firms. I am a regular contributor of opinion pieces and news articles to Veracode Inc.’s Blog. I have also written for Naked Security, a security blog run by the antivirus software firm Sophos PLC. I have, on occasion and within the last year, also written and worked in a consultative capacity for Core Security, a penetration testing software firm.

In 1984 my mother purchased one share of Apple Computer in my name so that I could “learn about the stock market.” I held on to it, and it has split twice, giving me four shares of AAPL, which is the only technology stock that I individually own. I am also joint owner – with my wife – of a brokerage account that contains a handful of telecommunications and technology stocks, namely: AT&T, Comcast Corp., Frontier Communications Corp., NXP Semiconductors NV, Vodafone Group and Verizon Communications. The total value of these stock holdings is between $15,000 and $25,000. Finally, I do invest in mutual funds that may count technology stocks as part of their overall stock mix.

Robert Vamosi, Contributing Editor


Robert Vamosi is a contributing editor at The Security Ledger.

Robert is a CISSP and the author of When Gadgets Betray Us (Basic Books, 2011), the first mainstream non-fiction book to discuss hardware hacking, and the risks inherent within our everyday gadgets. He’s an award-winning journalist with more than a dozen years of major news organization experience specializing in the Internet of Things (or Internet of Everything), computer security, cybercrime, and computer malware. Additional skills include editing, product review, on-camera talent, and podcast host.

Robert has written extensively about computer security, criminal hacking, incident response, identity management, privacy, vulnerability disclosure, data loss prevention, botnets, malware, virus writers, mobile malware, cross-site scripting attacks, flaws within DNS, and PCI compliance.