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A database containing 900 gigabytes of customer data and support requests for the Israeli firm Cellebrite was stolen and leaked to the website Motherboard. Cellebrite makes technology that helps law enforcement agencies get data off of mobile devices.

Surveillance Technology Vendor Cellebrite Has Customer Data Stolen

In-brief: Cellebrite, an Israeli firm that sells mobile phone forensic tools, was the victim of a hack that stole information on customers – many of them law enforcement agencies and governments.

Conservative legal group the Cause of Action Institute said it will defend technology firm D-Link in a case against the Federal Trade Commission over the security of its routers and cameras.

Update: Conservative Legal Group Joins Fight over FTC’s D-Link Complaint

In-brief: A conservative legal group, Cause of Action Institute, said that it was joining a legal battle against the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over a case that charges the technology vendor D-Link engaged in deceptive marketing practices and sold products to the public that are insecure. (Updated to add information on Cause of Action’s work on LabMD and analysis of the D-Link case. – PFR 1/12/2017)

A cyber attack in December was responsible for a power outage in Ukraine - almost a year to the day after a similar attack in 2015.

Second Ukraine Power Outage Linked to Russian Hackers

In-brief: A cyber attack in December was responsible for a power outage in Ukraine – almost a year to the day after a similar attack in 2015, new research shows.

St. Jude issued a software fix for its Merlin@ home product Monday, which is used to manage implantable defibrillators and other implantable medical devices.

St. Jude Patches Hole that allowed Medical Device Hacks

In-brief: St. Jude Medical said on Monday that it patched a serious hole in a product used to program implantable medical devices like defibrillators. But researchers and a Wall Street investment firm say the company still has more holes to close. 

New generations of Internet connected products are often insecure and pose safety and privacy risks to consumers. What will it take to make consumer electronics safe? We ask experts from the firm Senrio for their thoughts. (Image courtesy of CTA.)

Podcast: Can We Make CES Secure Again?

In-brief: With CES going on in Las Vegas, The Security Ledger sat down with three experts from the firm Senrio to talk about the new generation of connected consumer electronics. How vulnerable are they to attack? What is the best way to address security and privacy concerns in them?