The US Department of Justice indicted four men for the hack of Yahoo. Two of them have links to Russia's FSB. What do the charges mean for relations between Russia and the US in the theater of cyberspace?

Podcast: What does the Yahoo Indictment tell us about Russian state hacking?

In-brief: The Department of Justice announced charges against four men for the attack on Yahoo that netted information on 500 million users. But what do we know about the men and their alleged crime? Security Ledger Editor in Chief Paul Roberts speaks with Igor Baikalov of Securonix about the incident. 

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Security Ledger Voted Top Infosec Podcast

In-brief: The Security Ledger Podcast had the honor of being named one of the 35 top podcasts covering information security. In honor of that honor, we’re reprising some of our most popular broadcasts from recent months. 

Hacking tools belonging to the CIA were leaked via the site Wikileaks. What have we learned from the release?

Podcast: CIA Hacking Tools, Our Orwellian Internet of Things & G-Men can subpoena Memories?

In-brief: In this week’s podcast, Paul talks with Sven Dietrich of The John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York about the release of CIA hacking tools, FBI Director Comey’s talk on encryption and more. 

Dmitri Alperovitch of Crowdstrike talks with Security Ledger Editor Paul Roberts.

Podcast: Dmitri Alperovitch on Russian hacking and the future of cyber conflict

In-brief: In this Security Ledger Podcast, Editor in Chief Paul Roberts speaks with Dmitri Alperovitch about the latest trends in sophisticated cyber attacks, and how Russia’s hacking of the U.S. election and weaponization of stolen information is likely to influence the U.S. government’s response to future hacks – responses that might not take place in cyber space.

Tax Day, 1920. These days, electronic filing is the norm and fraud linked to electronic tax returns is a major problem, says Michael Bruemmer of the firm Experian. (Photo courtesy of The Library of Congress.)

Podcast: Fraud Linked to Stolen W-2s a growing Problem for Uncle Sam

In-brief: Experian Vice President of Data Breach Resolution tells The Security Ledger that tax ID fraud linked to stolen W-2 forms is up 25% this year, just the latest trend in a long running problem securing tax returns from scammers. But what’s the solution?