Ryan Kazanciyan talks to us about how he helps USA Network get the hacking scenes in Mr. Robot right. (Image courtesy of USA Network.)

Hacking Back Reconsidered and the Guy who makes Mr. Robot’s Hacking Scenes Look So Good

In this week’s podcast, we talk with Gadi Evron of Cymmetria, which released Mazehunter, a targeted hack-back tool this week about going on offense and staying on the right side of the law. Also: Ryan Kazanciyan of Tanium is one of the talented hackers who help design Mr. Robot’s hacking scenes. We talk with him about bringing realistic hacks alive on the small screen. And: when Uncle Sam dishes the dirt on a state sponsored campaign against critical infrastructure, what are companies supposed to do with the information? Mark Durfresne of the firm Endgame and Itzik Kotler of the firm Safebreach give us their thoughts.

Plumbing the KRACK Vulnerability and Fast Flux Botnets: the AirBnB of the Cybercrime World

Plumbing the KRACK Vulnerability and Fast Flux Botnets: the AirBnB of the Cybercrime World

In this 67th episode of The Security Ledger Podcast, we talk with Bob Rudis of the firm Rapid7 about KRACK, a security hole that affects most wi-fi hotspots. Also: Or Katz of Akamai talks about that company’s work analyzing fast-flux botnets, which have become like AirBnB for cyber criminals looking for a place to host malicious networks. Finally: Tim Jarrett of Veracode tells us how a single security hole in an open source library found its way into millions of applications. 

Episode 67: KRACK Wi-Fi Vulnerability, Fast Flux Botnets and Open Source Debt

Security Ledger Editor in Chief Paul Roberts talks about the recently discovered KRACK security hole in Wi-Fi Protect Access with Bob Rudis of Rapid7. Bob has some simple ideas to protect yourself from KRACK attacks. Also: Or Katz of Akamai discusses that firm’s research into fast flux botnets, which morph and evolve to evade detection. Finally, Tim Jarrett of CA-Veracode talks about research in Apache Commons Collections, a common and vulnerable open source library that is used in millions of applications.

Kaspersky Lab's name has been linked to increasingly detailed reports of spying by Russian intelligence agencies.

Kaspersky’s Cold War(e), Unpacking DOJ’s Encryption Talk and regulating IoT

In our latest Security Ledger Podcast we talk about Kaspersky Lab’s Cold War tinged smack down with for NSA analyst Dave Aitel of Immunity Inc. Also: Bruce Schneier weighs in on what has and hasn’t changed in the Trump DOJ’s take on strong encryption, while Josh Corman of PTC tells us that federal rules governing IoT security may be closer than we think.

Episode 66: Kaspersky’s Cold War(e), encryption backdoors and IoT Legislation

Security Ledger Editor Paul Roberts speaks with Dave Aitel of Immunity Inc. about the controversy swirling around Russian antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab. Also: Bruce Schneier weighs in on the latest salvo in the war over strong encryption. Finally: Josh Corman of the firm PTC talks about recent hearings on Capitol Hill about guidelines for securing connected devices.