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I'm an experienced writer, reporter and industry analyst with a decade of experience covering IT security, cyber security and hacking, and a fascination with the fast-emerging "Internet of Things."

Cisco Study: Disruptive Tech Could Drive Retail Bank Die Off

May 25, 2016 10:070 comments
Digital transformation in industries like retail banking could displace 4 in 10 firms. Security concerns loom as an obstacle to technology adoption, a survey by Cisco found.

In-brief: A study by Cisco Systems found that innovation will drive a major shakeup in the retail banking sector, with concerns about cyber security a major roadblock to innovation.

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Smart TV + Rogue App = Surveillance Device

May 24, 2016 10:300 comments
A flaw in the way Google's Android verifies mobile applications opens the door to widespread attacks, according to researchers from Bluebox Security.

In-brief: researchers have demonstrated how a snooping Android application can turn an Android based smart television set into an omnibus surveillance device. Get ready for more IoT misappropriations like this.

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Thing Ghetto? IT Pros Envision Separate Networks for Devices

May 23, 2016 12:170 comments
Thing Ghetto? IT Pros Envision Separate Networks for Devices

In-brief: Could security, privacy and availability concerns created by Internet of Things devices end up encouraging separate “thing-only” networks? A survey of IT pros suggests that it could. 

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On Data Breaches: Is Our Employees Learning?

10:090 comments
Companies are doing a poor job of addressing risks posed by insiders, an Experian sponsored survey by Ponemon suggests.

In-brief: companies are doing a poor job of educating employees to prevent inadvertent data breaches and spot malicious insider activity, despite the stakes. 

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The Worm (Re)Turns, Targets Embedded Linux AirOS

May 22, 2016 09:270 comments
Vulnerable AirMax gear from Ubiquiti networks is being targeted by an Internet worm exploiting a known hole in the AirOS embedded Linux operating system.

In-brief: A self-reproducing Internet worm is spreading globally, infecting embedded systems running AirOS, Linux-based firmware that runs hardware like wireless routers and wireless access points.

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