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A network of testing facilities will assess the security of medical devices.

Update: WHISTL Labs will be Cyber Range for Medical Devices

In-brief:  A global federation of labs will test the security of medical devices, according to an announcement on Monday by a consortium of healthcare industry firms, universities and technology firms. (Updated with comments from Dr. Nordenberg. PFR 7/25/2017)

The European Commission is contemplating labels for Internet connected devices that inform consumers about their security and privacy practices.

German Electronics Store Sued for Selling Un-Patchable Android Phones

In-brief: That’ll be $99, or $150 without the vulnerabilities! A lawsuit in Germany is trying to force stores to come clean about security holes in the products they sell to consumers. 

In its report "The Dyre Wolf," IBM says a sophisticated cyber crime ring is using social engineering attacks to defeat sophisticated protection schemes on corporate bank accounts.

AlphaBay, the Largest Online “Dark Market,” Shut Down | Department of Justice

The Justice Department on Thursday said that it shut down AlphaBay, what it described as “the largest criminal marketplace on the internet,” more than two weeks after the market went dark. The site was used to sell a wide range of contraband to a customer base of some 200,000 individuals worldwide, the DOJ said in a statement. Among the products for sale were illegal drugs, stolen and fraudulent identification documents and access devices, counterfeit goods, malware and other computer hacking tools, firearms, and toxic chemicals, DOJ said. The announcement follows news of the arrest and subsequent death in custody of Alexandre Cazes, who is identified as the creator and administrator of AlphaBay. Cazes was charged in an indictment filed in the Eastern District of California on June 1, on counts ranging from conspiracy to engage in racketeering, to distribution of narcotics to identity theft and trading in false identity documents. FBI […]

FedEx said the Petya malware outbreak in its TNT subsidiary in June will have a material impact on the firm's financial performance. (Image courtesy of FedEx.)

Petya-Bitten Subsidiary will materially impact FedEx

In-brief: FedEx said its TNT subsidiary was still relying on manual processes more than a week after it was ravaged by the Petya wiper malware. The attack will materially impact the company’s financial performance in 2018, FedEx said in a filing with the SEC. 

Security cameras by the firm Axios were just one of potentially thousands of connected devices that harbor a software hole dubbed Devils Ivy. (Graphic courtesy of Axios.)

Security Camera Flaw could lurk in Thousands of Devices

In-brief: a vulnerability dubbed “Devil’s Ivy” affects hundreds of cameras by the firm Axios and – likely – thousands of other devices made by some of the world’s top technology brands. It’s another example of widespread software supply chain security risks.