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Malicious Python Packages Target Crypto Wallet Recovery Passwords

A newly discovered campaign pushing malicious open source software packages is designed to steal mnemonic phrases used to recover lost or destroyed crypto wallets, according to a report by ReversingLabs. *

The campaign, dubbed BIPClip was uncovered in early March and targets developers working on crypto-related projects. In all, seven different open source packages were identified with links to the campaign, encompassing 19 different file versions. The malicious packages in question target developers who are implementing the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39, or BIP39, a list easy-to-remember words that are used to generate a binary seed used to creates deterministic BitCoin wallets, according to a blog post by ReversingLabs researcher Karlo Zanki.

Malicious Open Source Dependencies At Work

The campaign first came to light after one of the packages, bip39_mnemonic_decrypt, turned up in a scan of the Python Package Index (PyPI) using ReversingLabs Spectra Assure software supply chain security platform. The package contained a number of suspicious characteristics including features that performed Base64 decoding as well as a common open source library, requests, that is used for network communication within the Python ecosystem.

Further investigation revealed that the bip39_mnemonic_decrypt was a dependency of a second package, mnemonic_to_address, which could be used to create a seed from the user’s secret mnemonic seed phrase and was free of malicious functionality. Both packages were published in early February by james_pycode, a throwaway PyPI maintainer account that was created on the same day as the packages were published.

The james_pycode maintainer account was created on the same day (February 4) as the malicious Python packages were posted.

At the heart of the campaign is a malicious function, decrypt_jsBIP39, which was found in the bip39_mnemonic_decrypt package at the very end of the file. The decrypt_jsBIP39 function is listed after several, non-malicious functions that are not actually used in the code base, an apparent effort to throw off developers or security teams hunting for red flags in the open source library.  
When run, the function decodes the Base64 encoded URL of the data exfiltration server and invokes another function named cli_keccak256, a malicious function the name of which invokes keccak256, a legitimate cryptographic hash function commonly used to compute the hashes of Ethereum addresses, transaction IDs, and other important values in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The decrypt_jsBIP39 function enables exfiltration of the BIP39 mnemonic phrases. (Image courtesy of ReversingLabs)

More Packages, More Malicious Dependencies

More digging by Zanki and ReversingLabs turned up another malicious Python file pair with nearly identical code: public-address-generator and erc20-scanner, which were also published from a throwaway PyPI account on March 1st. This second file pair appear to work together in the same way as the mnemonic_to_address and bip39_mnemonic_decrypt pair, with malicious functionality identical to that found in the bip39_mnemonic_decrypt package is implemented in the erc20-scanner package. The second set of packages also use the same command and control (C2) server to exfiltrate stolen mnemonics as the first pair, reinforcing their connection.

Hashdecrypt(s): evidence of an older campaign

Finally, Zanki and ReversingLabs uncovered another malicious package, hashdecrypts, that uses slightly different methods to exfiltrate mnemonic phrases than the other packages connected to the BIPClip campaign, and suggests a much longer running campaign targeting mnemonic recovery phrases. 

The newly discovered malicious Python package, hashdecrypts, was published on March 1st by a PyPI user account, luislindao. Unlike the other packages, however, this wasn’t a new, throwaway account. Luislindao was first registered on PyPI in August 2019.  However, the code contained in hashdecrypts was almost identical to the malicious code found in the bip39_mnemonic_decrypt and erc20-scanner packages, suggesting a connection to the BIPClip campaign. 

When run, hashdecrypts places an HTTP GET request to a Base64 encoded URL from which it retrieves the address of the C2 server. The package then sends data to that address using a HTTP POST request. Inside the hashdecrypts code there is a comment header pointing to a github repository belonging to the HashSnake Github user account. When Zanki looked at the commit history for the linked HashSnake Github repository he found a related file, hashdecrypt (note: no trailing “s”), that was first published on December 4, 2022. All three published versions of that package contained the same malicious functionality and fetched the same command and control (C2) server address from the same GitHub repository. 

Uptake of the newly posted malicious PyPI packages was small – with 997 downloads of the public-address-generator package, 341 of the erc20-scanner package, and 224 of the hashdecrypts package. That suggests the campaign had a limited reach.

That’s not so true of the older hashdecrypt package, where ReversingLabs reported 4,295 downloads dating back to December, 2022.

Crypto in the crosshairs (again)

The BIPClip campaign underscores the continued targeting of cryptocurrency related applications and code by malicious actors, according to ReversingLabs. Both cyber criminal and nation state hacking groups have taken an interest in exploiting cryptocurrency software and infrastructure, with the goal of stealing the content of cryptocurrency wallets.

Recent campaigns include the compromise of the open source Ledger Connect Kit, resulting in the redirection of crypto transactions; to publication of malicious npm packages related to cryptocurrency applications and platforms. Nation state actors affiliated with the Democratic Republic of North Korea (DPRK), for example, are believed to have stolen as much as $3 billion in cryptocurrency in the past five years. Stolen cryptocurrency now accounts for as much as 5% of North Korea’s GDP.

That context puts additional burden on developers working on crypto-related projects to assess the security of the open source and commercial code used in their development pipeline, and to assess the security of software artifacts both before, during and after the development and build process, ReversingLabs said.

(*) Editor’s note: In addition to my work as Editor in Chief at The Security Ledger, I am a salaried employee at ReversingLabs where I have served as the Cyber Content Lead since November 2021.


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