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Report: Cyber Insurance Premiums Jump in Wake of Incidents

October 12, 2015 18:200 comments
The future of the cyber security industry may lay in the hands of insurance firms, as the market looks to bend investments in security to align with risk.

In-brief: cyber insurance premiums are jumping following a string of large and high-profile breaches, Reuters reports. But that doesn’t mean insurers are souring on covering online risk.

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Snowden Blowback: EU Invalidates Safe Harbor Agreement for Data

October 6, 2015 16:160 comments
The EU Court of Justice threw out a 15 year old safe harbor agreement with the US over concerns that US surveillance of Internet data was violating EU citizens' rights.

In-brief: Citing the danger of pervasive government surveillance, the European Union abandoned a 15 year-old agreement on data sharing that is one of the underpinnings of the global information commerce. 

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Epidemic: Researchers Find Thousands of Medical Systems Exposed to Hackers

September 29, 2015 18:450 comments
Thousands of medical devices installed in clinical settings can be accessed from the public Internet using default credentials, researchers revealed at a security conference over the weekend.

In-brief: Thousands of clinical systems are exposed to remote attacks according to researchers, who say that poorly designed and loosely configured medical devices are a major source of insecurity. 

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Java is My Co-Pilot: Weighing the Security of Connected Cars

September 28, 2015 12:050 comments
Java is My Co-Pilot: Weighing the Security of Connected Cars

In-brief: scandals like the one gripping Volkswagen and the hack of vehicles by Chrysler Fiat have a common thread: a lack of transparency about the software that powers modern cars. A panel at the recent Security of Things Forum took up this issue, and we have the video to share. 

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