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Recent analysis has connected the dots between information disclosed by Edward Snowden and recent leaks related to NSA Spying from the group Shadow Brokers.

How the NSA snooped on Cisco Customers for a Decade | Ars Technica

In-brief: Ars Technica has a good write-up of the ongoing news about how the NSA used tools that exploited known vulnerabilities in networking and security products by Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet and others to spy on customers of those companies.

Facebook Internet Defense Prize Goes To Post-Quantum Key Exchange

Facebook Internet Defense Prize Goes To Post-Quantum Key Exchange

In-brief: Facebook announced the winner of its 2016 Internet Defense Prize last week. Researchers from universities in The Netherlands, Germany and Turkey to receive the $100,000 prize for a paper improving protections against attacks on TLS by quantum computers.

There's more news of Point of Sale system hacks at restaurants and concessions linked to major hotel chains.

20 top US hotels hit by fresh malware attacks | ZDNet

In-brief:  Twenty US hotels operated by HEI Hotel & Resorts on behalf of Starwood, Marriott, Hyatt and Intercontinental are the victims of a hack focused on point of sale systems, media reports say. 

The Department of Homeland Security is investing close to $4 million on two projects related to the security of connected vehicles.

One in Five Vehicle Vulnerabilities are ‘Hair on Fire’ Critical

In-brief: One of every five software vulnerabilities discovered in vehicles in the last three years are rated “critical” and are unlikely to be resolved through after the fact security fixes, according to an analysis by the firm IOActive. 

Trane ComfortLink thermostats contain serious security holes, Trustwave reports. (Image courtesy of Trane.)

Researcher Warns of Holes In Smart Thermostats

In-brief: A researcher from the firm Trustwave warns that Trane ComfortLink smart thermostats suffer from a string of security woes, including hard coded administrator credentials.