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More perp walks like the recent arrest in The Czech Republic will send a powerful message to would-be cyber criminals.

Cyber Needs More Perp Walks | Digital Guardian

In-brief: The arrest of a 29-year-old man in Prague for suspected involvement in the 2012 hack of LinkedIn is a big victory for law enforcement. Even more important: viral video of the arrest. (Editor’s note: This post first appeared on Digital Guardian’s blog. ) The arrest of a 29-year-old man in Prague for suspected involvement in the 2012 hack of LinkedIn earlier this month was a big victory for law enforcement. The release this week of video footage of his arrest and subsequent “perp walk” may be even more important. Czech authorities disclosed on Tuesday that they had taken an individual identified as “Yevgeniy N” into custody on October 5 at a restaurant in Prague. Reports on U.S. news outlets including CBS, citing unnamed sources, say the man was wanted for his involvement in the hack and theft of data from LinkedIn, the social networking web site, in 2012. Judging from […]

Cyber criminals are rushing to compromise weakly secured devices like cameras and digital video recorders. (Image courtesy of OKhistory.org)

Land Rush: Race is On To Hack Vulnerable IoT Devices

In-brief:Cyber criminal groups are racing to gain control over a population of insecure “Internet of Things” devices, with new malware families targeting embedded devices appearing at a steady rate and a noticeable uptick in so-called “brute force” password guessing attacks against embedded systems. 

Mira botnet infections globally. (Image courtesy of Imperva.)

DHS Warns of Mirai Malware Threat to Cell Gateways

In-brief: cellular gateways made by Sierra Wireless may be susceptible to the Mirai malware, the Department of Homeland Security warned on Wednesday. 

Hacks of leading Democratic Party groups may have been much broader than initially thought, The New York Times reports.

12 Years Later: Common Configuration Flaw + Internet of Things = Massive Attacks

In-brief: A common configuration flaw may be behind a massive network of IoT devices used in “credential stuffing” attacks, according to the security firm Akamai.

Hardware and software from the Chinese supplier XiongMai Technologies were exploited to create the massive Mirai botnet, according to an analysis by the firm Flashpoint. (Image courtesy of Shodan)

Shoddy Supply Chain Lurks Behind Mirai Botnet

In-brief: A common, China-based supplier of management software is the common thread that ties together the myriad digital video recorders, IP-based cameras and other devices that make up the Mirai botnet, according to analysis by the firm Flashpoint.