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A statue of the Trojan Horse adorns the campus at Tel Aviv University, where some of the world's top cyber security professionals are trained.

At Conference: Israel Preaches Peace through Cyber Strength

In-brief: Five years into a major overhaul, the Israeli government is celebrating its status as the go-to country for cyber security know-how and promoting its own recipe for success to other countries. But how many of them can or will follow suit?  

A cyber attack in December was responsible for a power outage in Ukraine - almost a year to the day after a similar attack in 2015.

Russia’s Cyberwar on Ukraine Is a Blueprint For What’s to Come | WIRED

In-brief: Ukraine is a ‘test bed’ for massive and disruptive cyber attacks on critical infrastructure that might be launched against other adversaries, the U.S. included, Andy Greenberg argues in an article in Wired Magazine.

Two flaws in a common home router by TP-Link leave the devices vulnerable to hacks by anyone in wireless range. (Image courtesy of TP Link.)

Exclusive: Flaws in common Wi-Fi Router set up Hotspot Hacks

In-brief: Two, serious flaws in a common wireless router made by the firm TP-Link open the door to a hacker gaining control over the device, just the latest flaw revealed in broadband and wifi routers, the firm Senrio said Monday.

Flashpoint's Mid Year Report warns of the prospect of more cyber attacks by nations like Russia and North Korea, as offensive online actions become a preferred mode of geopolitical action. (Image courtesy of Library of Congress.)

A New Great Game: Russia, China, North Korea heighten Cyber Risk

In-brief: Russia, China and North Korea are increasingly willing to use offensive cyber operations to weaken their enemies, including the United States, according to a report by the firm Flashpoint, which released its Business Risk Index report on Tuesday.

Two security firms say that malicious software discovered in a December attack in Ukraine is designed to cripple electrical substations.

Update – Security Firms: New Malware Built to Hobble Electric Grid

In-brief: Experts from two security firms are warning that a newly discovered piece of malware dubbed Crash Override is designed to shut down and even damage electrical substations and other components of the electrical grid.