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FedEx said the Petya malware outbreak in its TNT subsidiary in June will have a material impact on the firm's financial performance. (Image courtesy of FedEx.)

Petya-Bitten Subsidiary will materially impact FedEx

In-brief: FedEx said its TNT subsidiary was still relying on manual processes more than a week after it was ravaged by the Petya wiper malware. The attack will materially impact the company’s financial performance in 2018, FedEx said in a filing with the SEC. 

A view of Kiev at night. NATO has said it will assist the government of Ukraine as it fends off persistent cyber attacks by Russian-based hacking groups.

After Petya, NATO will provide Cybersecurity Help to Ukraine

In-brief: NATO said it was extending support to Ukraine to help confront a rash of cyber attacks from Russian affiliated hacking forces. 

Could a cyber attack cause a black out lasting not hours but days, weeks or months? Joe Weiss says "absolutely." (Image courtesy of Library of Congress.)

The Big Dark: Motive, not Means, is what holds back a Crippling Grid Hack

In-brief: A crippling cyber attack that could damage and destroy equipment needed to keep the lights on in major US cities is already possible. The only thing that’s lacking is a motive to carry out such an attack, according to our guest on this week’s podcast: Joe Weiss, a Managing Partner at Applied Control Solutions, LLC and a persistent, if lonely, voice calling for an overhaul of cyber security for the U.S. electric grid.

Dear SEC: More Companies Warn on Financial Impact from Petya Infection

Dear SEC: More Companies Warn on Financial Impact from Petya Infection

In-brief: the Petya outbreak has prompted a string of profit and earnings warnings from major firms, with more likely in the days and weeks ahead, as companies struggle to regain their footing after the damaging wiper attack. 

Reports linking the Petya malware attacks to Russia-backed hackers may be an early test of a muscular Trump cyber doctrine.

Petya Malware may be an Early Test of Muscular Trump Cyber Doctrine

In-brief: In the hours before the Petya malware began circulating, two high level Trump Administration officials called for a tougher stand against online actors who sow chaos. The question now is how the Administration will react.