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Report: Era of Automobile Hacking has just begun

August 24, 2015 09:580 comments
Report: Era of Automobile Hacking has just begun

  In-brief:Caught between nifty new wireless features and ossified attitudes, automakers are just beginning to wake up to the security problems in vehicles. Strap on your seatbelt. 

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Corporate Counsel Taking Note of IoT Risk

August 18, 2015 12:090 comments
An article for corporate general counsel provides guidance for developing security and privacy protections into IoT products.

In-brief: An article in a publication for corporate legal counsel puts companies on notice about the risks of Internet of Things technologies, citing recent guidance from the FTC. 

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Doctors Still In the Dark After Electronics Records Hack Exposes Data on 4 Million

July 31, 2015 16:3410 comments
A hack of the Indiana firm Medical Informatics Engineering has exposed medical information on millions of Americans, including 1.5 million in Indiana.

In-brief: Four million patients of more than 230 hospitals, doctors offices and clinics had patient data exposed in a May attack on the Fort Wayne, Indiana firm Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE), according to the Indiana Attorney General.

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Podcast: Interview with Car Hacker Chris Valasek of IOActive

July 25, 2015 16:051 comment
Valasek (pictured) and Miller developed a method to use a wireless attack on the car's entertainment system to affect critical vehicle functions. (Image courtesy of Chris Valasek.)

In-brief: Security Ledger Editor in Chief Paul Roberts speaks with Chris Valasek, the Director of Vehicle Research at IOActive about the work he and Charlie Miller did to develop wireless based attacks that control the braking, steering and acceleration of late model Chrysler vehicles. 

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