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A proposed IETF standard would create device- and use-specific policies for connected endpoints.

Scaling Security for The Internet of Things with MUD

In-brief: Cisco’s Marc Blackmer discusses a proposal before the IETF that would create a Manufacturers Usage Description (MUD) standard by which device makers and their customers to specify the kinds of activities and communications are allowed for Internet of Things devices.  

The European Commission is contemplating labels for Internet connected devices that inform consumers about their security and privacy practices.

European Commission Ponders Security Labels for IoT | EurActiv.com

The web site EurActiv.com is reporting that the European Commission (EC) is getting ready to propose new legislation to protect machines from cybersecurity breaches. Among the steps they’re considering: labels for Internet-connected devices that tell consumers they are “approved and secure.” Products across industries from energy and consumer goods to automotive and healthcare could eventually be required to use the labels on their products, just as electrical devices currently contain labels that inform consumers how much power they use, EU officials said. Digital policy chiefs Günther Oettinger and Andrus Ansip presented a plan three weeks ago to speed up internet connections to meet the needs of big industries like car manufacturing and agriculture as they gradually use more internet functions. But lawmakers recognize that the transition to more and faster internet connections has caused many companies to worry that new products and industrial tools that rely on the internet will be more vulnerable […]

Reuters reported on a secret program at Yahoo to scan email messages for content of interest to the National Security Agency.

Exclusive: Yahoo Secretly Scanned Customer Emails for NSA | Reuters

In-brief: Yahoo created a special program to scan through hundreds of millions of Yahoo Mail accounts for certain keywords at the behest of the U.S. government, Reuters reports. 

Wearables like Apple's new watch will combine with health middleware to expand the market for connected health products, says one prominent healthcare CIO.

Privacy Forum Pushes Guidance for Wearables, Health Apps

In-brief: new guidance from the Future of Privacy Forum urges connected health device makers to address security and privacy issues to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. 

Facebook Internet Defense Prize Goes To Post-Quantum Key Exchange

Facebook Internet Defense Prize Goes To Post-Quantum Key Exchange

In-brief: Facebook announced the winner of its 2016 Internet Defense Prize last week. Researchers from universities in The Netherlands, Germany and Turkey to receive the $100,000 prize for a paper improving protections against attacks on TLS by quantum computers.