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Wearables like Apple's new watch will combine with health middleware to expand the market for connected health products, says one prominent healthcare CIO.

Privacy Forum Pushes Guidance for Wearables, Health Apps

In-brief: new guidance from the Future of Privacy Forum urges connected health device makers to address security and privacy issues to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. 

Facebook Internet Defense Prize Goes To Post-Quantum Key Exchange

Facebook Internet Defense Prize Goes To Post-Quantum Key Exchange

In-brief: Facebook announced the winner of its 2016 Internet Defense Prize last week. Researchers from universities in The Netherlands, Germany and Turkey to receive the $100,000 prize for a paper improving protections against attacks on TLS by quantum computers.

Trane ComfortLink thermostats contain serious security holes, Trustwave reports. (Image courtesy of Trane.)

Researcher Warns of Holes In Smart Thermostats

In-brief: A researcher from the firm Trustwave warns that Trane ComfortLink smart thermostats suffer from a string of security woes, including hard coded administrator credentials. 

A group of law enforcement agencies and technology firms have joined forces to help ransomware victims get their files back.

Ransomware Crime Wave Gets its Guardian Angels

In-brief: a group of law enforcement and security technology firms that have joined forces to help victims of ransomware fight back.

What will the UK's decision to leave the EU mean for cyber security laws and private firms?

Brexit: A Cybersecurity Perspective | ABI Research

In-brief: The UK’s decision to leave the EU will have vast implications in the area of information security: from the standing of laws governing cyber crime and e-commerce to the decisions made by information security and technology firms that use the UK as their base for EU Operations, according to an analysis by ABI Research.