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MIT Does Full Court Press on Cybersecurity Research

March 3, 2015 18:260 comments
MIT will announce three new cybersecurity initiatives next week.

In-brief: MIT, the East Coast’s leading technical university, will announce three, major cyber security initiatives aimed at web-based security, critical infrastructure and cyber policy.  Like this:Like Loading…

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Bitcoin Blockchain: A New Foundation for Online Trust?| NYTimes

10:440 comments
Bitcoin's blockchain technology may end up being more valuable than the online currency: enabling a wide range of third party applications, the New York Times reports.

The New York Times has a really interesting story on the rise of Bitcoin’s “blockchain” technology as the foundation of a whole new wave of start-ups and applications – some of which could have big implications for Internet of Things. From the article: “As Bitcoin’s price has declined over the last year, critics have been quick to declare the virtual currency dead. Bitcoin’s true value, though, might be not in the currency itself but in the engine that makes it possible. Underlying Bitcoin — created as a way to make payments directly, anonymously and outside government control — is the block chain, a decentralized database that is driven by cryptography.” While the future of Bitcoin as a form of digital “cash” is uncertain, block chain is turning out to be a very useful technology for a variety of purposes – from streamlining financial transactions online to vouching for the authenticity of […]

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Sabotaging Encryption Software – The Perfect Crime?

February 27, 2015 11:110 comments
A paper co-authored by Bruce Schneier noting various methods for subverting cryptographic protections - the better to prevent back doors like those used by the NSA.

  In-brief: A report from Bruce Schneier and researchers at the Universities of Wisconsin and Washington surveys the (many) ways that cryptographic protections can be weakened or subverted, and calls for research on fool-proof technologies.  Like this:Like Loading…

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Gemalto Will Investigate Alleged SIM Card Hack

February 20, 2015 15:530 comments
Spies from the NSA and British GCHQ are alleged to have infiltrated the firm Gemalto to steal technology needed to decrypt mobile phone communications.

In-brief: Gemalto said in a statement Friday that it will investigate reports that the company was the victim of a sophisticated campaign of espionage by the U.S. National Security Agency and Britain’s GCHQ.  Like this:Like Loading…

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After White House Summit a Consensus – on Pessimism

February 19, 2015 10:031 comment
With Washington divided, experts say the prospect for big change following the White House Cybersecurity Summit is remote.

In-brief: Even with a high-profile summit in the heart of Silicon Valley, partisan gridlock back in Washington D.C. will make progress on cyber security impossible, experts say.  Like this:Like Loading…

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