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Is Public Health the Model for Securing the Internet of Things?

August 28, 2015 12:450 comments
Global cooperation and focus on basic hygiene may be a model for securing the Internet of Things, says the FCC's CIO David Bray. (Image courtesy of the UN.)

In-brief: are public health initiatives the best model for securing the Internet of Things? David Bray, the CIO for the Federal Communications Commission thinks they may be. 

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Iran Games Google’s 2FA in Attacks on EFF, Others

11:110 comments
Citizen Lab warned about targeted attacks by hackers linked to Iran that try to defeat Google's two factor authentication technology.

In-brief: Hackers believed to be linked to the government of Iran are using sophisticated attacks on Google’s two-factor authentication technology to break into the e-mail accounts of individuals within the country and in the Iranian diaspora, according to Citizen Lab.

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The Internet of Things has an Infrastructure Problem

August 24, 2015 12:290 comments
Development of the Internet of Things may lag without more investment in low-cost wireless networks.

In-brief: will the development of the Internet of Things stall because of a lack of investment in supporting wireless infrastructure? A panel at a recent conference warned that it is possible. 

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Report: Era of Automobile Hacking has just begun

09:580 comments
Report: Era of Automobile Hacking has just begun

  In-brief:Caught between nifty new wireless features and ossified attitudes, automakers are just beginning to wake up to the security problems in vehicles. Strap on your seatbelt. 

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