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Auto Industry Publishes Best Practices for Cybersecurity

July 22, 2016 18:080 comments
New Best Practices Guidelines from the Auto Industry ISAC are intended to promote cyber security. (Image courtesy of The Library of Congress.)

In-brief: An Automotive industry information sharing group has published Best Practices” document, giving individual automakers guidance on improving the cybersecurity of their vehicles.

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Flaw In D-Link Software Affects 400K Devices

July 8, 2016 12:200 comments
A vulnerability in software from D-Link could leave as many as 400,000 devices vulnerable to remote attack, according to the firm Senrio.

In-brief: A vulnerability in software by device maker D-Link is much more widespread than initially believed, affecting hundreds of thousands of Internet connected devices, including cameras, home routers, wireless access points and network attached storage.

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Nokia: Security, Scale Give IMPACT IoT Platform An Edge

July 7, 2016 07:400 comments
Nokia says scale and security will help its Impact IoT platform best a crowded field. (Image courtesy of Nokia.)

In-brief: After a fall from grace in the mobile handset business, Nokia is betting that its ability to do scale and security will help its Impact IoT platform best a crowded field. We speak with Rajesh Kashawa, head of Nokia’s Internet of Things Business Unit. 

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Samsung Charging into IoT with R&D, Partnership

June 24, 2016 17:060 comments
Samsung's Artik development boards promise better security and easier development as a way to lure IoT engineers to the platform.

In-brief: Two announcements from tech device giant Samsung underscored the company’s big bets on the Internet of Things.

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Ctrl + Esc from New York: NYMag Envisions Hack of Gotham

June 21, 2016 10:450 comments
New York Magazine imagines a massive hack of New York City. Much of what it depicts has already happened.

In-brief: A New York Magazine article imagines a massive, online attack on New York City in 2017. The scary thing: most of what it imagines has already happened.

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