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Updated: Green Light or No, Nest Cam Never Stops Running

November 24, 2015 15:592 comments
Nest Cam is a home monitoring device. Research by ABI shows the device continues to run even after being turned "off" by users.

In-brief: Alphabet’s Nest Cam continues to run even after users have turned it “off,” the company acknowledged on Tuesday, raising questions about transparency and the potential for privacy abuses using the popular home surveillance device. 

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Video: Ross Anderson on the Internet of Bad Things

November 13, 2015 10:540 comments
Video: Ross Anderson on the Internet of Bad Things

In-brief: Ross Anderson of Cambridge University discusses the privacy and security risks of The Internet of Things at the Virus Bulletin Conference. Problems we already confront – such as ATM and mobile device security – may presage more widespread attacks on the IoT.

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Viewing Data From Smart TVs Used to Push Ads to All Your Screens

November 10, 2015 17:520 comments
An updated privacy policy from smart TV maker Vizio notes that viewing behavior data may be used to serve adds to any device that "shares an IP address" with its Smart TV. (Image courtesy of Vizio.)

In-brief: Electronics maker Vizio is the latest smart television brand caught harvesting the viewing habits of its customers and selling the data to advertisers, highlighting legal loopholes that connected devices are exploiting.

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What will it take to secure the Internet of Things?

November 6, 2015 17:000 comments
Cooperation between information security experts and device makers is critical to improve security on the Internet of Things.

  In-brief: progress on securing the Internet of Things requires makers and security experts to compromise and learn to work together, says Cisco’s Marc Blackmer.*

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