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Will MAC Address leaking pose a privacy risk for IoT?

November 11, 2015 18:180 comments
The expansion of the Internet of Things will compound privacy risks to individuals.

In-brief: privacy researchers warn that the media access control (MAC) addresses that identify connected devices pose a serious privacy risk to individuals: allowing would-be attackers or businesses to collect a wealth of data about an individual’s movements, activities and preferences.

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Pentagon looks to analog monitoring to secure IoT

October 1, 2015 13:410 comments
Pentagon looks to analog monitoring to secure IoT

In-brief: DARPA is directing $36m for the first stage of a program called LADS – Leveraging the Analog Domain for Security, which is looking into analog methods of cyber threat detection, including power consumption monitoring.

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Epidemic: Researchers Find Thousands of Medical Systems Exposed to Hackers

September 29, 2015 18:450 comments
Thousands of medical devices installed in clinical settings can be accessed from the public Internet using default credentials, researchers revealed at a security conference over the weekend.

In-brief: Thousands of clinical systems are exposed to remote attacks according to researchers, who say that poorly designed and loosely configured medical devices are a major source of insecurity. 

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Doctors Still In the Dark After Electronics Records Hack Exposes Data on 4 Million

July 31, 2015 16:3411 comments
A hack of the Indiana firm Medical Informatics Engineering has exposed medical information on millions of Americans, including 1.5 million in Indiana.

In-brief: Four million patients of more than 230 hospitals, doctors offices and clinics had patient data exposed in a May attack on the Fort Wayne, Indiana firm Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE), according to the Indiana Attorney General.

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