Internet of Things and Enterprise Risk Panel

Video: The Internet of Things and Enterprise Risk

The Security Ledger recently hosted our inaugural event: The Security of Things Forum (SECOT). This was a high-energy, day long conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that brought together subject experts, executives and thought leaders from disparate areas like high tech, finance and industrial systems to talk about the tsunami of change that is the Internet of Things.

One of the big questions hovering over the event: how will IoT technologies and services change the security paradigm that we’ve all be operating under- but especially in enterprises. In fact, IoT and enterprise was the topic of our very first discussion of the day: a panel chaired by Chris Rezendes of INEX Advisors, a leading consultancy focusing on IoT.

SECoT Forum 2014 – Democratized Data, IOT and Enterprise Risk from Exhibitor Media Group on Vimeo

It’s a really big and messy problem. As panelist Ken Pfeil of Pioneer Investments pointed out: the hack of Target by way of a third party HVAC vendor demonstrated the ways in which connected infrastructure and smart devices are already playing a role in enterprise risk. As Stacy Cannady of Cisco Systems and Trusted Computing Group notes:

“The devices that are out in the world right now don’t have security – they don’t have a concept of it. Almost to a single device. None of them do. So, we’re starting with nothing and already in quite a bit of trouble from a security perspective.”

Now the video of that session is available for you to check out for yourself. The panel line up is as follows (right to left on stage)

  • Chris Rezendes, President, INEX Advisors
  • Ken Pfeil, Chief Security Strategist at Pioneer Investments. Ken is a seasoned CSO and IT veteran with experience spanning over two decades with companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Avaya, Identix, and Merrill Lynch.
  • Mark Stanislav, security evangelist at DUO Security. Mark is a leading researcher into security and connected devices.
  • Emil Sturniolo, InStep Group. Emil is a recognized and respected authority on Internet base networking and security technologies.
  • Stacy Cannady, Cisco Systems and Trusted Computing Group. Stacy is in charge of technical marketing for Cisco’s Trustworthy Computing 
TRIAD (Threat Response, Intelligence, and Development) and is member of the Trusted Computing Group’s Embedded Systems Work Group.

Thanks, as always to our event sponsors: Cisco Systems, Intel Security, DUO Security, Atlas Venture, Fairhaven Capital, The Industrial Internet Consortium, Mocana and Veracode.

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