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The Internet of Things has an Infrastructure Problem

August 24, 2015 12:290 comments
Development of the Internet of Things may lag without more investment in low-cost wireless networks.

In-brief: will the development of the Internet of Things stall because of a lack of investment in supporting wireless infrastructure? A panel at a recent conference warned that it is possible. 

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Black Hat: Talent Scarce, Firms Look to Automation and Ai

August 10, 2015 11:031 comment
Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have left their respective employers to join Uber's advanced research team, the company acknowledged on Friday.

In-brief: with security talent scarce, experts at the Black Hat Briefings say that security automation fueled by machine learning and data analytics is going to play an increasing role in security operations. 

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Samsung’s Pitch for ARTIK IoT Platform Emphasizes Security

May 13, 2015 10:580 comments
Samsung's Artik development boards promise better security and easier development as a way to lure IoT engineers to the platform.

In-brief: Samsung introduced its ARTIK development boards, which offer advanced security features and integration with Arduino as a way to lure IoT developers to the platform. 

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DEFCON To Host IoT Hacking Village

May 6, 2015 17:15Comments Off on DEFCON To Host IoT Hacking Village
DEFCON To Host IoT Hacking Village

The Internet of Things has arrived – at least insofar as the hacker underground is concerned. The IoT is getting its own Village at DefCon. Sure, it’s been easy enough to see for a while that hacking “stuff” was what all the cool kids were doing, whether you were talking about Barnaby Jack’s “Jackpotting ATMs” presentation or the research on telematics systems by folks like Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek. But the creation of a dedicated “IoT Village” at the show, alongside staples like the Lockpick Village, the Wireless Village and the Packet Hacking Village (aka “The Wall of Sheep”) establishes Internet of Things hacking as a major new “vertical” within the diverse and fast-evolving hacking subculture. [Read more Security Ledger coverage of hacking the Internet of Things.]   Villages are dedicated areas of the DEFCON conference where attendees can converge to view demonstrations and take part in hands on lessons […]

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