Podcast: Security of Things Forum Redux – Key Takeaways in 7 Short Minutes

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Hear the key takeaways from The Security of Things Forum in one, 7 minute podcast!

We just wrapped up our annual Security of Things Forums in Cambridge and this year, for the first time, in Washington D.C. The events were a great opportunity to assemble some of the top experts in the security of connected devices as well as the policy and business implications of IoT adoption and deployment. Security Ledger’s co-hosts at the Forum, Christian Science Monitor Passcode, have put together a great podcast that features interviews with key participants at the event, including Robert Silvers, assistant secretary of Homeland Security; Julian Goldman of Partners Healthcare; independent hacker Travis Goodspeed; Kevin Fu of Virta Labs; and Rajesh Krishnan, chief marketing officer at HackerOne.

The podcast is hosted by Passcode reporter Jack Detsch. Check it out!

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