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Parent Firm of Ashley Madison Faces Extinction Level Hack

July 20, 2015 17:473 comments
A hack of the parent company of "affair" site Ashley Madison may be difficult to recover from.

In-brief: Following a security breach, Avid Life Media, the parent of Ashley Madison and other adult-focused hookup sites, said that it was on the trail of the culprits. The question is whether ALM and its various properties will survive the incident.

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Director’s Resignation May Compound OPM’s Problems

July 14, 2015 18:390 comments
The resignation of OPM Director Katherine Archuleta may create more problems than it solves at the beleaguered agency.

In-brief: The resignation of the Office of Personnel Management’s Director may have ended official Washington’s search for a fall guy, but it won’t solve anything and may make recovering from the hack harder, experts warn. 

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Opinion: The Security Case for Software Defined Networking

July 10, 2015 11:490 comments
Opinion: The Security Case for Software Defined Networking

  In-brief: Recent news events underscore the threat that companies face from inadequately protected internal network assets. Cisco’s Scott Harrell argues that the adoption of software-defined networking may provide a powerful new tool to halt hackers ability to move within compromised networks.

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Whitehouse Taps Google Advanced Projects Lead for Software Safety Lab

June 30, 2015 12:400 comments
UL brought scientific rigor  to the testing of consumer products, such as this early electric oven.

In-brief: The Obama Whitehouse has tapped famed hacker Peiter Zatko (aka “Mudge”) to head up a new project aimed at developing an “underwriters’ lab” for cyber security.

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