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Epidemic: Researchers Find Thousands of Medical Systems Exposed to Hackers

September 29, 2015 18:450 comments
Thousands of medical devices installed in clinical settings can be accessed from the public Internet using default credentials, researchers revealed at a security conference over the weekend.

In-brief: Thousands of clinical systems are exposed to remote attacks according to researchers, who say that poorly designed and loosely configured medical devices are a major source of insecurity. 

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Study: Energy, Utilities Struggle with Security Readiness

September 22, 2015 10:370 comments
The U.S. Government's ICS-CERT warned that a campaign of malware attacks aimed at control system networks may be almost three years old.

In-brief: a survey of key sectors found that energy and utilities firms are struggling to reduce their risk of an attack.

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Cyber Crime Laws Showing Their Age

08:290 comments
Cyber Crime Laws Showing Their Age

  In-brief: Greater cooperation between law enforcement and the technology community is needed to help remake computer crime laws for the age of The Internet of Things, says Cisco’s Marc Blackmer.

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Past and Future Risks Bedevil Security on Internet of Things

September 15, 2015 09:371 comment
CSM Passcode Editor Michael Farrell with FTC Commissioner Julie Brill, Professor Andrea Matwyshyn of Northeastern and GE Chief Privacy Officer Peter Lefkowitz at The Security of Things Forum in Cambridge on Sept. 11.

In-brief: Efforts to secure the Internet of Things will be challenged both by a backlog of old software and hardware, and by the rapid pace of technology evolution, experts warned at the recent Security of Things Forum in Cambridge, MA. 

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