Security Ledger Talks Car Hacking on NPR’s AirTalk

Advanced cars already have sophisticated connectivity features. But car buyers worry about the danger posed by hackers once cars are connected to the Internet. (Image courtesy of Tesla Motors.)

Just a note to our readers that you can listen to a great conversation on hacking automobiles on Airtalk, a National Public Radio call-in talk show that airs on WPCC, Pasadena, California.

Interestingly: the other expert guest on the show was none other than Chris Valasek of IOActive, one of the most recognized researchers on security vulnerabilities in modern automobiles.

[Read more Security Ledger coverage of Chris Valasek’s research here.]

Chris and I spoke with host Larry Mantle about the current state of affairs with regard to car hacking: what is possible (theoretically), what is practical and what are car makers doing about it.

Check out our conversation via KPCC’s web site: The next frontier for computer hackers: Your car | AirTalk | 89.3 KPCC.

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