Welcoming A New Sponsor: Mocana

You’ll notice some new artwork gracing The Security Ledger this week, and that’s because we’ve welcomed a new sponsor to the family: Mocana. I’d like to officially welcome them to the Security Ledger family.

Mocana is our newest Security Ledger sponsor!


This is a big win for Security Ledger.  Mocana will join Veracode, The Trusted Computing Group and Gemalto in underwriting The Security Ledger’s coverage of IT security news and the intersection of security with The Internet of Things (IoT).

But we also win the support of a company that is all about IoT.   If you haven’t already checked out Mocana, I’d urge you to do so. Launched in 2004, the company’s expertise is in securing non-traditional endpoints. Mocana’s Device Security Framework, a suite of device-resident security software that is embedded into devices during the manufacturing process. DSF is a platform that supports a wide range of security functions, both through Mocana-created security modules and support of other security protocols. Using Mocana’s Device Security Framework, application developers and device manufacturers can easily enable features like secure remote access to and for devices, cryptographically secure data communications between devices and identity management and so on.

Mocana MAP Product
Mocana’s MAP Product shields mobile applications for deployment in enterprise environments.

More recently, Mocana has tackled the (tricky) topic of mobile application development, creating MAP – Mobile App Protection, a kind of mobile application “shielding” technology that lets IT admins customize, control, and manage the security for internally developed mobile applications, bundling security features like per app VPN and FIPS 140-2 encryption without requiring extensive coding or application redesign.  MAP works with mobile applications on platforms ranging from mobile handsets to medical devices to aerospace and defense. 

Please join me in welcoming Mocana!


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