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Developers Gorge on Open Source Amid Worries About Quality, Security

July 12, 2016 14:320 comments
Downloads of open source components almost doubled in 2015 - but security concerns persist.

In-brief: The use of open source software is exploding, but concerns about code quality and security in the open source supply chain persist, according to a report from the firm Sonatype. 

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Flaw In D-Link Software Affects 400K Devices

July 8, 2016 12:200 comments
A vulnerability in software from D-Link could leave as many as 400,000 devices vulnerable to remote attack, according to the firm Senrio.

In-brief: A vulnerability in software by device maker D-Link is much more widespread than initially believed, affecting hundreds of thousands of Internet connected devices, including cameras, home routers, wireless access points and network attached storage.

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Nokia: Security, Scale Give IMPACT IoT Platform An Edge

July 7, 2016 07:400 comments
Nokia says scale and security will help its Impact IoT platform best a crowded field. (Image courtesy of Nokia.)

In-brief: After a fall from grace in the mobile handset business, Nokia is betting that its ability to do scale and security will help its Impact IoT platform best a crowded field. We speak with Rajesh Kashawa, head of Nokia’s Internet of Things Business Unit. 

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Startup Senrio Sniffs Out Stealth IoT Devices on your Network

June 10, 2016 17:360 comments
A view of the Senrio product showing a graphic representation of associated devices. (Image courtesy of Senrio.)

In-brief: A new start-up, Senrio, unveiled its Sensor this week: a new security monitoring tool that can identify and monitor embedded devices connected to your network and spot anomalous or malicious behavior. 

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Update: Bad Update Kills Off Lexus Radio, AC and GPS

June 8, 2016 12:410 comments
A problem with an update to Lexus's Enform entertainment system is being blamed for the loss of GPS and environmental controls in some Lexus vehicles.

In-brief: Bad data sent by a third party is being blamed for a glitch that crashed the center console in some late  Lexus and Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles, the company said. 

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