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On Data Breaches: Is Our Employees Learning?

In-brief: companies are doing a poor job of educating employees to prevent inadvertent data breaches and spot malicious insider activity, despite the stakes. 

Opinion: The Data Breach Fatigue Fallacy

In-brief: While consumers might be resigned to having their data leaked or stolen, Michael Bruemmer, the Vice President of Experian’s Data Breach Resolution group, argues that companies have plenty to lose from a blasé response to breaches affecting their customers. 

Missing in Michaels Data Breach: Harm To Consumers | Digital Guardian

In-brief: A federal court has thrown out a class action suit against Michaels Craft Stores, saying that the plaintiff couldn’t prove she was damaged as a result of her information being stolen. The basis for the ruling: a 2013 Supreme Court case concerning the government’s secretive FISA courts. 

Wyndham Settles with FTC Over String of Data Breaches

In-brief: The Federal Trade Commission announced that it has reached a deal with Wyndham Hotels stemming from a string of data breaches that resulted in some $10 million in fraudulent charges. The hotel chain agreed to improve its information security practices. 

Target Hack Web Message

Target agrees to pay $39m to Banks for Data Breach | Reuters

In-brief: Reuters reports today that Target Corp has agreed to pay $39.4 million to banks to resolve claims that said they lost money because of the retailer’s late 2013 data breach.