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Traffic observed from an IP surveillance camera shows communication with servers operated by the manufacturer. Often, such communications were found to be insecure. (Image courtesy of zScaler.)

Survey Sounds More Alarms on Internet of Things in the Enterprise

In-brief: A survey of customer networks by the firm zScaler found that cameras, printers, video recorders and other devices are common – and often easy to snoop on and attack. 

The explosion of Internet connected gadgets and consumer goods will demand a break with custom in information security. But is the market ready to respond?

Can Low-Power Devices Be Secured? | Semiconductor Engineering

In-brief: Internet of Things will break the traditional perimeter-based model for security, and article at Semiconductor Engineering declares. But are device makers ready to do what’s necessary to build a new generation of secure endpoints that can scale globally? 

Researchers in Japan have developed a way to uniquely identify Internet of Things devices: creating a "fingerprint" based on subtle variations in chip composition.

Cisco Warns on Security Hole in Management Tool for Connected Homes

In-brief: Cisco Systems has patched a serious security hole in its Prime Home, a network management tool that it markets as a way for service providers to manage “Internet of Things” devices in connected (“smart”) homes.

Gameover, a variant of Zeus, was the target of a takedown last week. Prolexic warns that Zeus is still a danger to the Fortune 500, however. (Image courtesy of Dell Secureworks.)

Mirai, The Internet of Things Bot, Goes Open Source

In-brief: The code for malicious software that is behind a worldwide network of compromised cameras and home routers has been released on the Internet, a move that may lead to a rapid increase in use of the software.

MITRE Dangles $50K Prize For Spotting Rogue IoT Devices

MITRE Dangles $50K Prize For Spotting Rogue IoT Devices

In-brief: MITRE Corporation is offering a $50,000 prize for anyone who can develop a novel way for spotting changes to Internet of Things networks.