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In-brief: Filmed at The RSA Security Conference in San Francisco, Security Ledger Editor in Chief Paul Roberts talks about the growing interest in machine learning technology in the information security field and how it is being applied.

I had the opportunity to talk with Cylance out at The RSA Conference last week on the subject of machine learning and automation in information security. That was an important theme at this year’s Conference. As I note here, it reflects a number of trends, among them the continued difficulty finding skilled information security talent, and the rapid advances in machine learning technology that allow deeper more valuable insights from reams of security data.

From the blog post:

“One of the ways companies are compensating increasingly (for the current IT employment shortfall) is with machine learning and artificial intelligence, as a way to do more with less,” says Paul Roberts, Editor-in-Chief at The Security Ledger, in our conversation at the 2017 RSA Conference in San Francisco.Roberts was referring to the current and urgent shortage of skilled security professionals in the IT industry. Even if a company or enterprise doesn’t have the essential staff they need, they still need to maintain security, and automation appears to be the most successful technique used to bridge that gap.

Source: Paul Roberts: How Machine Learning Supplements Security Workforce

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