Attendees at DEFCON

Podcast: Black Hat, DEF CON and building Secure Devices

Attendees at DEFCON
Attendees at DEFCON work at mod’ing hardware in the hardware village. This year’s show will feature an IoT Village, as well.

In-brief: Paul Roberts talks with Marc Blackmer of Cisco Systems about the recent Black Hat and DEF CON conferences, as well as a proposal Cisco is working on a for a new, open standard for connecting use policies to intelligent devices. 

With Black Hat and DEF CON are behind us, The Security Ledger sat down with SL contributor and Cisco executive Marc Blackmer about the news out of the show and the information security world’s next big event: the 3rd annual Security of Things Forum, September 22nd.

Marc and I read the Internet of Things tea leaves from the industry’s two biggest hacker cons, including Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek’s latest vehicle research. We also talk about a proposal Cisco is putting forward for a new, open standard that will allow manufacturers of “things” to specify policies for intelligent and connected devices that would limit their behavior on heterogeneous networks.  The goal is to limit the ability of attackers to exploit insecure devices and move laterally on networks from low level to high level assets.

Marc will be discussing this initiative at our September

Check out our conversation here:

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