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ARM is in talks to buy Sansa, a maker of security software for embedded systems.
ARM is in talks to buy Sansa, a maker of security software for embedded systems.

In-brief: Infoworld writes about the possible deal by ARM to acquire Sansa Security, a maker of security software for embedded systems that populate the Internet of Things.

Infoworld has a nice write-up of the recent ARM acquisition of Sansa Security. From the article:

“That ARM is sniffing around a company that could help put its chip designs in more connected devices doesn’t come as a surprise. The U.K. processor designer has stepped up its IoT efforts with products launches such as the mbed OS and a number of acquisitions, including Dutch security vendor Offspark. On Monday, ARM announced a new chip design to address another challenge, battery life.”

Sansa makes a subsystem  (dubbed “Silicon”) that manages security on chipsets used in embedded systems including key functions like secure boot, key management and secure storage. The software is capable of managing those functions across a wide range of embedded systems, from more robust applications that might be used with connected vehicles to small, low power devices such as light bulbs, Infoworld notes.

Both companies are still in negotiations and declined to comment on a possible acquisition.

Sansa already partners with chip makers like Qualcomm, MediaTek and Freescale as well as phone vendors like Samsung and LG.

With the Internet of Things expected to grow to $1.7 trillion by 2020, silicon makers of all stripes are looking for opportunities to diversify from traditional platforms like PCs, servers and mobile devices. After off-again, on-again talks, Intel agreed to purchase the firm Altera in a deal that is valued at $16.7 billion and that is expected to expand that company’s footprint both in the data center and with Internet of Things devices.

Source: ARM looking to boost IoT security with acquisition | InfoWorld

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