Michael Dell Keynote

Dell Embracing Security and IoT as Private Firm – PC is ‘Strategic’

A year ago, Michael Dell spent $25 billion to buy the PC company he founded back from shareholders and turn it into what he called “the world’s largest start-up.”

Michael Dell Keynote
Dell said his company was pursuing opportunities in IoT and security as a private firm.

How’s that going for him? If the CEOs’ talk at last week’s DellWorld 2014 is any indication: great.  As this piece notes, Dell argues that going private has accomplished much more than getting Carl Icahn off his back. It has allowed the tech giant to draw its attention away from profit margins into R&D. No longer burdened by the need to meet Wall Street’s numbers each and every quarter, Dell can experiment and take chances. Experiment how and on what? Dell said that Internet of Things and security are two areas the company is investing in in a big way.

“As we look at our business we can now ask what are the opportunities and the unmet challenges. These are in infrastructure, security, the internet of things, the cloud, big data, and the fun part about being private is that we can embrace risk differently.”

And where do personal computers – the foundation of Dell’s business- fit in? CEO Dell said he sees PCs as increasingly strategic as a local power and resource hub for businesses. Dell said he plans to continue investing in PCs, which are deeply embedded in businesses. Dell saw US shipments of PCs jump close to 20 percent last year,” he told the audience at the Austin, Texas event.

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