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Futility or Fruition?Rethinking Common Approaches To Cybersecurity

The current approaches most organizations take towards security are not good enough, writes Albert Zhichun Li, the Chief Security Scientist at Stellar Cyber. Something has to change.

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PKI Points the Way for Identity and Authentication in IoT

Modern enterprise networks are populated by both people and, increasingly, “things.” But securing the growing population of Internet of Things devices presents unique challenges. In this thought leadership article, Brian Trzupek, the Senior Vice President of Emerging Markets at DigiCert discusses what is needed for effective IoT security.

Dark Web Looms Large as Enterprise Threat

New research from the firm Bromium finds dark web listings are booming as operators offer tailored access to enterprise networks.

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Four Signs You’re Ready for a Virtual CISO

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (or vCISO) can be a great resource to a company. But how do you know when your company is ready for one? Rob Black of Fractional CISO shares four telltale signs to watch for.

Report: Cybercriminals target difficult-to-secure ERP systems with new attacks

Cybercriminals are targeting enterprise resource planning (ERP) apps–some of the oldest and most difficult-to-secure business software systems–with new attacks in an effort to exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to valuable, sensitive enterprise data, according to a new report. In the report released this week by Digital Shadows Ltd. and Onapsis Inc., researchers said they have seen a noticeable boost in attacks on ERP systems from leading vendors SAP and Oracle by hactivist groups, nation-state actors and cybercriminals that are constantly evolving to take advantage of the critical business data found within them. Moreover, companies continue a long-time struggle to secure these systems in the threatening landscape due to their inherent complexity, the increased sophistication of threats and the larger attack surface of modern, cloud computing-based ERP systems. ERP apps help companies manage critical business processes—such as product-lifecycle, customer-relationship a… To read the full post subscribe and log in. Subscription is […]