Attendees at DEFCON

Hacker Summer Camp: Security Cons Blossom In The Desert

The mercury is expected to top 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 C) in Las Vegas next week. And that could mean only one thing: it’s conference time for some of the world’s top computer hackers.


Attendees at DEFCON
Attendees at DEFCON work at mod’ing hardware.

Indeed, next week brings the 22nd installment of the DEFCON hacker conference in Las Vegas, and the 18th of Black Hat, DEFCON’s younger, more straight-lace sibling.

But, while Black Hat and DEFCON are still the main attraction on the Las Vegas strip, they’re hardly the only shows in town. B-Sides Las Vegas, an alternative mini-con, is in its fifth year and is attracting many of the “cool kids” in the security community to do presentations and demos on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 5 and 6th over at the Tuscan Suites and Casino.

Running alongside B-Sides is Passwords 14, a conference that started in Norway and is in its second year on U.S. soil. As its name would suggest, Passwords is all about authentication and adds highly technical discussions of password security (and cracking) to the mix.

And that’s not even all of it. To get everyone ready, we invited our friend Mark Stanislav, Security Evangelist at DUO Security on to the latest edition of The Security Ledger Podcast talk about this “festival of festivals” in the (hot) sands of Las Vegas.

Mark and fellow DUO researcher Zach Lanier are presenting at DEFCON and Passwords 14 and he has some great insights on what’s worth checking out if you find yourself in Vegas next week. Check out our conversation!

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