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IBM: Dyre Banking Malware Behind Sophisticated Crime Spree

April 6, 2015 15:270 comments
In its report "The Dyre Wolf," IBM says a sophisticated cyber crime ring is using social engineering attacks to defeat sophisticated protection schemes on corporate bank accounts.

In-brief: IBM researchers say they have seen a spike in malicious activity linked to the Dyre family of malware. Sophisticated attacks on business banking accounts have led to the theft of millions of dollars, IBM says.  Like this:Like Loading…

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With Executive Order, Cyber Criminals Join Terrorists, Traffickers on Sanctions List

April 1, 2015 11:320 comments
President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order on Wednesday that put cyber crimes on par with others that can result in sanctions against malicious actors and those who support them.

In-brief: An Executive Order signed by President Obama on Wednesday will clear the way for cyber criminals to face the same sanctions as terrorist groups, illegal arms dealers and drug traffickers. One expert called the Order “momentous.”  Like this:Like Loading…

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Supply Chain Hackers Use Short List of Techniques | Trend Micro

March 31, 2015 11:161 comment
Trend Micro describes some of the most common supply chain attack techniques in a blog post.

In-brief: Trend Micro notes that supply chain attacks are on the rise, with attackers relying on a short list of techniques including compromises of source code, firmware and so-called “watering hole” attacks. Like this:Like Loading…

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Intel: New Approach Needed to Secure Connected Health Devices

March 23, 2015 13:510 comments
In a new report, The Atlantic Foundation and Intel Security warns that risks accompany the rewards of connected medical devices.

In-brief: connected medical devices pose a number of risks to patients, including the threat of “targeted killings,” according to a report by Intel Security. The fix: better application design and more public-private sector cooperation. Like this:Like Loading…

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Android SDK Flaw Could Enable Dropbox Data Theft

March 11, 2015 09:310 comments
Researchers at IBM say a flaw in an software development kit (SDK) by Dropbox could cause users to accidentally share data with a malicious actor's Dropbox account.

In-brief: IBM researchers say they discovered a flaw in an SDK from the cloud storage firm Dropbox that could result in Android users accidentally sending their data to a Dropbox account controlled by a malicious actor. Like this:Like Loading…

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