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Google's Gmail platform offers many security features that protect accounts from takeover, according to security experts.

Trump’s Not Crazy To Secure @POTUS with Gmail. Here’s Why.

In-brief: is having the Chief Executive’s Twitter account secured by a Google Gmail account really a security lapse? Not necessarily.

A bipartisan group of Senators issued a resolution calling for a clear, national plan to promote development of the Internet of Things.

Republican bill aims to bolster U.S. attack attribution capabilities

The problems that surround cyber attribution came into sharp relief in recent weeks, as the Department of Homeland Security and FBI attempted to pin attribution for the hacking of Democratic party organizations on hackers affiliated with the government of Russia, with only mixed success. Attribution was again an issue after The Washington Post -citing the DHS and FBI report- said Russians had hacked their way into the U.S. electrical grid by way of a Vermont utility. That report was eventually walked back as more evidence emerged about the incident.  Pointing the finger of blame – it turns out – is easier said than done in matters of cyber espionage and cyber war. Now the folks over at Cyberscoop point to a new bill designed to boost the government’s ability to do cyber attribution and foster government-industry ties. New cybersecurity legislation aims to bolster the U.S. government’s attribution capabilities as well […]

A database containing 900 gigabytes of customer data and support requests for the Israeli firm Cellebrite was stolen and leaked to the website Motherboard. Cellebrite makes technology that helps law enforcement agencies get data off of mobile devices.

Surveillance Technology Vendor Cellebrite Has Customer Data Stolen

In-brief: Cellebrite, an Israeli firm that sells mobile phone forensic tools, was the victim of a hack that stole information on customers – many of them law enforcement agencies and governments.

Security and privacy risks from connected devices are likely to persist, with no easy fix for what experts agree are widespread problems. (Image courtesy of CES.)

Beyond the CES Hype: No Easy Fixes for Security and Privacy Woes

In-brief:Security and privacy risks from connected devices are likely to persist, with no easy fix for what experts agree are widespread problems.

An incident at Burlington Electric was likely not Russian hackers, a new report from The Washington Post claims.

Never Mind! Russian Hackers no longer suspects in Vermont Utility Incident | The Washington Post

In-brief: The Washington Post said on Monday that an investigation of a cyber attack against Burlington Electric in Vermont was not targeted and points away from Russian involvement.