The Week in Data Breach: Pizza And Chinese Food

The news over the weekend was about more data breaches affecting chain restaurants. First, there are reports that the pizza chain Domino’s appears to have been hacked. The news came by way of an online post on Friday by a group claiming to have compromised servers used by Domino’s to store data on customers in France and Belgium. (Cached version of the announcement can be viewed here.)

Pizza Chain Domino
Pizza Chain Domino’s was the victim of extortion, after hackers lifted data on some 600,000 customers in France and Belgium.

The group claims to have made off with information including the user name and password for 592,000 French customers and over 58,000 records from Belgian customers. It has asked Domino’s for payment of €30,000 in exchange for the data. The company has acknowledged the attack, but claims no customer financial data was stolen.

In other news, the Chinese restaurant chain PF Chang’s acknowledged on Thursday that it was, indeed, the victim of a successful cyber attack that a breach last week that resulted in the theft of customer financial information. The breach was first reported by the web site

In a statement, PF Chang’s said that it has initiated an investigation with the United States Secret Service and third-party forensics experts to “understand the nature and scope of the incident.” The company has concluded that data has been compromised.

The company’s short term response is worth noting, also: PF Chang’s outlets have reportedly reverted to old-school manual swipe machines to process credit card transactions while it investigates the hacking of its credit card processing systems.

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