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Amazon’s Springs for IoT Telemetry Startup 2lemetry

March 16, 2015 11:310 comments
Amazon said last week that it acquired 2lemetry, an IoT focused middleware and analytics firm.

In-brief: 2lemetry, a Denver, Colorado-based startup that manages data from Internet connected devices said last week that it had been acquired by cloud giant Like this:Like Loading…

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Red Flags Abound in 2013 Anthem Security Audit

March 5, 2015 14:580 comments
A report from a federal auditor raised serious concerns over Anthem's internal IT practices - two years before the company announced it had been hacked.

In-brief: A 2013 audit of Anthem Inc. contains a number of red flags about the company’s internal information security practices, and suggests Anthem was trying to mislead auditors to avoid scrutiny.  Like this:Like Loading…

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Are Data Lakes A Key To Securing IoT Environments? | Tripwire Blog

January 2, 2015 12:460 comments
Are Data Lakes A Key To Securing IoT Environments? | Tripwire Blog

Mitch Thomas over at the security firm Tripwire has a good post on “architecting the security of things” that’s worth checking out. As an incumbent security vendor, Tripwire faces the same challenges and problems as other vendors who came of age securing traditional endpoints and enterprise IT environments. Among them: adapting to a nearly limitless population of new endpoints – many of them small, resource constrained embedded systems.  As we’ve noted before: many of these systems aren’t capable of the kinds of interrogations (vulnerability- and malware scans just two examples) that many security tools take for granted. Like this:Like Loading…

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Wanna-Breach: Counterfeit Data Breaches Are A Thing

October 29, 2014 12:05Comments Off
Data breaches are a big enough issue that companies must now contend with counterfeit breaches intended to inflict economic or reputation damage. (Image courtesy of Christian Science Monitor.)

Headline grabbing data breaches are such a fixture of our modern business environment that they’ve even spawned a knock-off market: phony data breaches designed to harm a company’s image by making it look as if the firm has lost control of critical data. That’s the conclusion of a research note from Deloitte, which warns that malicious actors are increasingly using false claims about massive data breaches to bedevil established firms – inflicting real economic and reputation damage. Like this:Like Loading…

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With $42m Invested, vArmour uncloaks with Software Defined Security

September 17, 2014 11:27Comments Off
vArmour said its product is the first designed specifically to spot malicious activity within virtual data centers and stop so-called 'lateral movement' by malicious actors.

In the old days, startups would pull together funding from a small group of early “angel” investors and rush to get a product – any product- to market as soon as possible. The idea was to prove viability in the hopes of attracting larger investments that would let you actually develop the product you really want to sell. But that doesn’t work well for companies that want to solve really hard problem. Such projects, justifiably, need a longer runway that isn’t suited to vaporware or rapid product iteration. vArmour Networks, a Mountain View-based startup that emerged from “stealth” mode yesterday, is a good example of that latter kind of start-up. The company has already raised $42 million in three rounds, dating back to January, 2013. It is offering technology to tackle a vexing product: how to secure the information flowing within and between the growing ranks of virtual data centers. With […]

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