Internet of Things to Increase Shortage of Security Professionals

The tech publication eWeek has an interesting interview with Sujata Ramamoorthy, the director for global information security for Cisco’s Threat Response, Intelligence, and Development (TRIAD) group about the impact of Internet of Things technology on the (already painful) shortage of IT security workers. DEFCON - Modding Stuff According to Ramamoorthy, adoption of Internet of Things technologies and platforms will exacerbate the IT security worker shortage.  “These trends are what are fueling the need for additional security skills in the industry, and because the networks themselves are getting more complex, the applications communicating over them are getting more complex,” she told eWeek reporter Rob Lemos. The increasing complexity  of information infrastructure in IoT deployments, an explosion in the number of connected endpoints and a corresponding lack of visibility into cloud services all make the shortage of corporate security experts more critical, Ramamoorthy said. Already there is an estimated 1 million information-security staff and manager shortage globally, according to data from Cisco’s 2014 Annual Security Report. Cisco’s number is the highest estimate of the security-skills problem, but other estimates also suggest a severe shortage of workers with much-needed IT security skills.  James Gosler, a cyber-security specialist who worked at the Central Intelligence Agency, has argued that the United States needs some 30,000 technical cyber-security workers, Lemos notes. Other estimates put the U.S. based shortage at ten times that amount.  You can read more at eWeek with this link: Internet of Things to Increase Shortage of Security Professionals.

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