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Google’s Nest Labs Joins Race to Define Platform for the Internet of Things –

The New York Time’s BITS blog has an interesting look at the companies that are gearing up to compete against Google in the home automation market.

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Google faces competition in the home automation market from Apple as well as Quirky – among others.


Google has picked up its investment in so-called “smart home” technology, from the acquisition of Nest, the smart thermostat maker, and DropCam a maker of wireless cameras used for home monitoring and surveillance.

The Times notes the entry of firms like Quirky, which has the backing of major retailers like Home Depot and manufacturers like General Electric, Honeywell and Philips. That company announced a new spin-off firm, Wink, that will focus on software. There’s also (of course) Apple, which last week announced HomeKit, a new platform for home automation products that leverages the company’s iOS mobile platform.

For its part, Google and Nest have alliances with companies like Whirlpool, Jawbone and Mercedes-Benz. The company seems to be focusing on getting cool products to market that consumers want and getting a critical mass to attract other companies and all-important developers to its platform.

Read Google’s Nest Labs Joins Race to Define Platform for the Internet of Things –

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