Week In Security: More Target Woes and CES

It was another eventful week in security, with another big revelation in the story of a hack of box retailer Target Inc. That update – which accompanied Target’s fourth quarter earnings guidance – nearly doubled the number of known victims of that attack. It also revealed that credit card data was not the only information stolen by hackers, who also made off with customer names, mailing addresses and emails.

The Security Ledger's Security Week In Review Hangout
The Security Ledger hosts this fast-paced discussion of the leading IT and Internet of Things security stories from the past week. Our guest expert this week is Jody Brazil, President at the security firm FireMon.

In this latest installment of Security Ledger’s Security Week in Review, we spoke with Jody Brazil, the President of the security firm FireMon about the week’s events. Jody is a seasoned security professional who works day-in-day-out with companies that are trying to manage their risk. He said that even large companies like Target can fall victim to sophisticated attacks, but the IT security may be too quick to give up on traditional defensive technologies. Jody and I had an interesting chat about some recent news of M&A in the security threat intelligence space.

Jody Brazil, Firemon
Jody Brazil is the President and CTO of FireMon. (Image courtesy of FireMon.)

We also talked about the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and how the advent of a whole universe of new, IP enabled devices might impact enterprises that are already struggling to secure laptops, mobile phones and other consumer devices. While Jody doesn’t think that the ‘Internet of Things’ revolution is going to mean big changes to the enterprise security space in the near term, he said that enterprises will need to pay more attention to the diversity of devices their employees are bringing to the office in the long-term.

Check out our Google Hangout below.

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