Are We Even Trying To Defend The Internet of Things?

Josh Corman has been a frequent mention on this blog. Josh, who is the Director of Security Intelligence at Akamai Technologies, joined me on the first episodes of Talking Code, speaking about application security and The Internet of Things. He talked candidly about the role that platform security played in his thinking about buying a new car.

Josh Corman
Corman, of Akamai Technologies, says that consumer adoption of smart devices is creating dependency on insecure technology – with possibly dire consequences.

Well, a few months have passed and now Josh has the new car. But now that he has it, he’s thinking more than ever about the security problem as it pertains to the Internet of Things.

In this video, from a TEDx event in Naperville, Illinois (right outside Chicago), Josh talks about his evolving theory of security on the Internet of Things.

The IoT, he says, is a “tidal wave” of change that will transform our lives – connecting every aspect of life via software. But this growing amalgam of Internet connected stuff is built on a crumbling foundation of poorly designed and insecure protocols, software applications and embedded devices.

The practical implications of this are hard to fathom, because of the complexity of interactions between all this software-powered stuff and our actual, physical lives. “Our dependence on IT (information technology) is growing faster than our ability to secure it,” Corman notes. 

“If we’re relying on things that are indefensible, we can either rely on them less or make them defensible. We’re doing neither,” Corman says.

Check out the video below. And watch out for sharks! 😉

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