Week In Security: NSA Spies on Yahoo & Google, Adobe Hack and Healthcare.gov

There’s nothing like a Sunday morning for looking back over the week’s events and trying to make sense of at all – or at least what sense there is to be had.

Holding Tablet PC

This Sunday was no different – especially after a week that saw continued revelations stemming from Edward Snowden’s leak of classified intelligence on NSA spying, the massive hack of software maker Adobe. Then there was the botched rollout of the federal Healthcare.gov marketplace – which morphed into an even bigger, uglier problem as the week progressed.

To help me sort it all out, I called on Nick Selby, the CEO of StreetCred Software and an authority on cyber security, law enforcement, government procurement, Russia, Germany, aviation, travel journalism and all manner of other topics. I love talking to Nick because his wealth of life and professional experience make him predictably unpredictable when it comes to interpreting current events. He didn’t disappointment me this week either, starting off our conversation with a decidedly rosy – or maybe just nonplussed take on the revelations about NSA spying on Google and Yahoo.

Check out our whole conversation by clicking on the embedded video below, or surfing over to view it on YouTube here.

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