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Security Pros Pan US Government Report on Russian Hacking

In-brief: security experts say the 13 page report, released Thursday, falls well short of offering conclusive evidence of Russian involvement in the hacking, even as The Obama Administration acts to punish Russia for its involvement.

Hack of Dems Wider Than Believed |The New York Times

In-brief: The attack on the Democratic National Committee was part of a larger operation against more than 100 Democratic Party officials and affiliated groups, The New York Times is reporting.

Clues in language often tip hacker’s hand | CSMonitor.com

  In-brief: forensic investigators are using language clues to help identify the source of sophisticated and targeted attacks, like those on Democratic Party committees and the campaign of Hillary Clinton. 

Internet of Things Looms Large in National Intelligence Assessment

In-brief: the consequences of innovation and increased reliance on information technology, including the Internet of Things, pose serious challenges to the nation’s cyber defenses and the intelligence community’s “operational tradecraft,” said DNI James Clapper in a report to Congress. 

Report: DHS and FBI Briefing Grid Operators on Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

A spate of reports in recent days has put the media’s attention back on the security of the energy sector and critical infrastructure more broadly. Notably: this CNN report that cites NSA director Admiral Mike Rogers telling the audience at a power grid security conference in San Antonio, Texas in October that “power… is one of the segments that concerns me the most.”   What’s changed? For one: the uptick in ICS-specific malware like BlackEnergy. A spate of attacks based on that malware and others have targeted critical infrastructure players in recent months. According to a confidential memo obtained by CNN, the FBI and DHS are now traveling the country to warn utilities and other critical infrastructure owners about targeted attacks on industrial control systems. Some of those attacks are exploiting previously unknown (or “zero day”)  vulnerabilities in ICS systems, CNN reported. The U.S. Government has been warning about the threat of cyber attacks on […]