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Spotlight Podcast: How DU Telecom Manages Digital Transformation Risk

In this Spotlight* podcast, Sayed Ali the Head of Cyber Security Risk Management & Business Continuity at DU TELECOM in the UAE joins us to talk about how digital transformation is shaking up the once-staid telecommunications industry and how his company is staying on top of both the risks and opportunities created by digital transformation.

There are lots of terms to describe the way that technology is transforming businesses around the globe. Business leaders talk about Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and, increasingly, Digital Transformation. But for every benefit that flows from innovations like mobility, cloud computing, DEVOPS and agile development or the Internet of Things, there is a challenge.

More than ever new, nimble competitors find it easier to leverage new technologies and disrupt legacy businesses. At the same time, cloud based applications and mobile workers strain the ability of legacy security and monitoring tools to keep threats at bay.

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Sayed Ali
Sayed is Head of Cyber Security Risk Management & Business Continuity at DU Telecom.

One of the industries feeling the weight of these changes is telecommunications, where profitable legacy businesses like fixed line telephony and text messaging are falling victim to technology fueled changes. Meanwhile, a roster of ambitious, disruptive startups stands poised to snatch away even more business, should circumstances, regulations and consumer preferences permit it.

So how are telecommunications firms addressing both the business and IT risk that digital transformation brings? We sat down with Sayed Ali, the Head of Cyber Security Risk Management & Business Continuity at DU TELECOM in the United Arab Emirates. DU is one of just two telecommunications firms offering fixed line, mobile telephony, internet and digital television services across the UAE.

In this conversation, Sayed and I talk about the changing risk landscape that incumbents like DU face, as well as how best to manage the growing cyber risk that goes along with digital transformation initiatives.

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