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Spotlight Podcast: RSA President Rohit Ghai warns Digital Transformation is magnifying Enterprise Risk

In this interview, recorded at the RSA* Charge conference, RSA President Rohit Ghai talks about some of the ways that digital organizations have to adapt to- and address risks introduced by new transformative technologies like machine learning, multi cloud environments and robotics and other “digital transformation” initiatives.

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As a species, humans aren’t good at tackling big, amorphous problems with long time horizons. Take climate change: scientists recognized the growing threat of a warming climate due to human activity more than 40 years ago. Since then, however, countries have been woefully slow to address the threat and have mostly ignored the warnings of the scientific community about the adverse consequences to human society around the world

Rohit Ghai, RSA Security
Rohit Ghai is the President of RSA Security says mega trends like “digital transformation” threaten to accelerate risk in organizations.

For 21st century businesses, climate change is just one so-called “mega trend” that they must contend with. The other, our guest this week notes, is a phenomenon commonly referred to as ‘digital transformation.’ As we’ve noted before, ‘digital transformation’ is a broad term that encompasses changes brought on by innovations such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, cloud based computing and micro services, DEVOPS methodologies for delivering new applications and features and the use of automation and robotics. 

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While the benefits of digital transformation are easy to grasp, the risks that it introduces are less talked about – even though overlooking the risks brought on by digital transformation can spell disaster. 

To understand what some of those risks are and how companies can navigate their way through digital transformation, Security Ledger traveled to Orlando recently for RSA Charge, a customer event hosted by RSA Security. There, we caught up with Rohit Ghai, the President of RSA Security on the sidelines of the show. 

We live in a time where trust is tenuous. While technology is a force for good, there are some things that people are concerned about. In terms of cyber risk in terms of things like the impact of technology on people’s jobs and the societal impact of technology. Our role must be to bolster trust and make sure technology moves forward and drives digital transformation.

Rohit Ghai, President of RSA Security

In this podcast, we’re bringing you the conversation Rohit and I had. We talk about what digital transformation means for RSA’s customers and how digital transformation is accelerating risk and the best way to prepare for the challenges that digital transformation introduce. 

Check out our full conversation above.

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