Security Ledger Live: Interview with Lance James of Flashpoint

In our inaugural edition of Security Ledger Live, we speak with Lance James, Chief Scientist at the firm Flashpoint.

In-brief: in our inaugural Security Ledger Live, we speak with Lance James, the Chief Scientist at the firm Flashpoint about ransomware, the care and feeding of security talent and the news of the week. 

In my role as Editor in Chief at The Security Ledger, I speak with a lot of fascinating people on topics related to information security. It’s one of the big perks of this job. But, funny enough, we talk about a lot of other things besides information security, also.

Wouldn’t it be great, I wondered, if we could have these conversations in a forum where folks could listen in, ask questions of their own – even take part?

That was the germ of the idea behind Security Ledger Live, a new series of regular interviews that I’ll be having with some of the top professionals and subject matter experts in the worlds of technology, information security, policy and more.

Each week, we’ll get together with someone interesting to talk about the news of the week in the information security space, what’s happening on their beat and what to look out for in the days and weeks to come.

For our inaugural Security Ledger Live broadcast, I talked with Lance James, the Chief Scientist at the firm Flashpoint. Lance is one of the smartest guys in the business, a former security lead at Deloitte. At Flashpoint, Lance has been part of a team that did headline grabbing research on the Mirai botnet.

In our conversation, Lance and I talk about the ongoing ransomware epidemic and how it exploits weaknesses in the current security market – such as the lack of law enforcement resources for helping small and mid-sized businesses deal with scams.We also talk about the importance of nurturing (and trusting) talent in the information security space. Check out our conversation here.


  1. Ransomware is enabled by cryptocurrency, surely this leads to more transparency and accountability for all forms of cryptocurrency ?

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