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In-brief: Another security-focused startup targeting the Internet of Things: Qadium, which promises to be a Google Street View for Internet connected devices.

We wrote last week about Senrio, the venture funded startup that can identify embedded devices and other “Internet of Things” endpoints lurking on your network. Now Forbes and Xconomy pick up on news of another, similar-sounding startup: Qadium.

From Maria Deutscher’s write-up at

San Francisco-based Qadium can take a rapid global census of the hundreds of millions of devices that connect to the public Internet—computers, routers, CCTV cameras, tablets, and so on. Qadium calls its product the “Google Street View” of Internet-connected devices. Beyond those listings, though, Qadium also serves as a search engine to reveal relationships, trends, and weak spots amid the universe of devices.

The company’s granular scans yield a mass of data that could empower malicious hackers if it fell into the wrong hands. But it can also help government agencies and businesses visualize the vulnerable points in their electronic networks and better defend themselves, Qadium CEO Junio says.

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