A Guide to Internet of Things Standards | Computerworld

From Colin Neagle over at Computerworld: a run-down of emergent IoT standards – a list that has suddenly become rather long. From his article:

“The complexity of these standardization efforts has evoked comparisons to the VHS and Betamax competition in the 1980s. Re/Code’s Ina Fried wrote, “there’s no way all of these devices will actually be able to all talk to each other until all this gets settled with either a victory or a truce.” In the meantime, we’re likely to see some debate among the competing factions.

Machine to Machine (M2M)

“If this works out at all like past format wars, heavyweights will line up behind each different approach and issue lots of announcements about how much momentum theirs are getting,” Fried wrote. “One effort will undoubtedly gain the lead, eventually everyone will coalesce and then, someday down the road, perhaps all these Internet of Things devices will actually be able to talk to one another.”

Neagle gives a brief overview of the nascent standards including Google’s Thread, AllJoyn/TheAllSeen Alliance, Open Interconnect Consortium and others (The Industrial Internet Consortium?).

Read Colin’s analysis at Computerworld’s web site: A guide to the confusing Internet of Things standards world – Computerworld.

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