Russian Military on parade

What the UK Knows: Five Things That Link NotPetya to Russia

The UK’s Foreign Office Minister Lord Ahmad said that the UK Government believes Russia was responsible for the destructive NotPetya cyber-attack of June 2017. How can they be sure? We look at five, strong clues pointing back to the Kremlin.

FedEx lowers results on NotPetya Attack

NotPetya’s Cost to FedEx: $400 Million and counting

As Federal Express continues to recover from the devastating NotPetya malware outbreak, the cost of the attack on the company continues to grow, topping $400 million in just the last six months. 

Gardasil Dose

NotPetya Infection Left Merck Short of Key HPV Vaccine

The NotPetya malware infection shut down pharmaceutical giant Merck’s production of the pediatric vaccine GARDASIL last June, forcing the company to borrow the drug from a stockpile maintained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to meet demand.