Hacks & Hackers

A flaw in smart cameras sold by Samsung leaves them vulnerable to remote attack, researchers claim.

Flaw Lets Hackers Own Samsung Smartcams With Bogus Firmware

In-brief: a flaw in Samsung’s Smartcam product could allow remote attackers to take control of the devices. The news comes two years after Samsung took steps to patch other flaws in its Internet connected cameras.

A database containing 900 gigabytes of customer data and support requests for the Israeli firm Cellebrite was stolen and leaked to the website Motherboard. Cellebrite makes technology that helps law enforcement agencies get data off of mobile devices.

Surveillance Technology Vendor Cellebrite Has Customer Data Stolen

In-brief: Cellebrite, an Israeli firm that sells mobile phone forensic tools, was the victim of a hack that stole information on customers – many of them law enforcement agencies and governments.

Opinion: Confusion over Vermont Utility Underscores Risks of Cyber Attribution

Opinion: Confusion over Vermont Utility Underscores Risks of Cyber Attribution

In-brief: errant reports about a Russian government hack of a Vermont utility are the first byproduct of a flawed report on Russian hacking of U.S. interests. They won’t be the last. 

Security experts said the recent DHS and FBI reports on Russia's hacking of the U.S. election are worryingly short on specifics.

Security Pros Pan US Government Report on Russian Hacking

In-brief: security experts say the 13 page report, released Thursday, falls well short of offering conclusive evidence of Russian involvement in the hacking, even as The Obama Administration acts to punish Russia for its involvement.

Data taken from a web site operated by the Costa Rican embassy in China was released by the hacker calling himself Kapustkiy. The hacker, who claims to be 17 years old, has carried out a string of attacks against diplomatic missions and government agencies in recent weeks.

Kapustkiy’s March to the Sea Takes in Russian Visa Service, Costa Rican Embassy

In-brief: the hacker known as Kapustkiy continued a string of attacks on diplomatic missions and related web sites last week, compromising Costa Rica’s embassy in China and the web site of a company offering services to travelers seeking visas to travel in Russia.