Internet Explorer

Report: with most exploited vuln of 2018, it’s really Really REALLY time to ditch IE!

Microsoft’s products are still a leading source of exploitable security vulnerabilities used by hackers, according to a report by the firm Recorded Future.

Report: Newly Discovered GlassRAT Lurked For Years, Undetected

In-brief: RSA Security said a newly discovered Trojan horse program may have been lurking for three years on corporate networks. Chinese nationals were the apparent target.


Adobe Flash Zero-Day Used in Attacks on Diplomats

In-brief: Trend Micro warned about targeted attacks on diplomatic missions that take advantage of a previously undiscovered hole in Adobe Flash.

Hacking Team incident prompts calls to retire Adobe Flash

  In-brief: Adobe’s Flash technology may end up being the highest profile victim of the attack on software arms dealers the Hacking Team, as news of that group’s reliance on Flash vulnerabilities prompts calls for Adobe to permanently retire the web-enhancing technology.

Windows Bug From 1997 Enables Credential Theft

In-brief: Researchers from the firm Cylance warned that an unpatched security flaw first discovered in 1997 could be used to attack a wide range of popular applications and steal user credentials.