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Spotlight Podcast: Securing the Enterprise’s New Normal

In this spotlight edition of the podcast, sponsored by Trusted Computing Group* Steve Hanna joins us to talk about COVID 19 and the security risks that go along with the “new normal” that has emerged out of the pandemic. While organizations face challenges securing remote workers, Steve also sees more than a glimmer of a silver lining to the disruption caused by the Corona Virus.

For a world grown weary of COVID and “shelter in place,” there is light at the end of the tunnel. Countries in Europe, Asia and the Pacific region are beginning to re-open after months shut down to combat the COVID virus. Soccer (aka “football”) has resumed in Germany. Baseball is slated to resume in June in Japan. Bars and gyms are opening in parts of Europe. Australia and New Zealand have re-opened after nearly eliminating COVID from their populations

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However, while many suspended activities – and life itself- will eventually resume, there are many changes brought about by the current pandemic and our fight against it that will remain. That is especially true in the business world, where remote work from home, less travel and more virtual collaboration may become the new normal. 

Steve Hanna at Infineon
Steve Hanna is a Senior Principal at Infineon and head of the Embedded Systems Workgroup at TCG.

Spotlight: as Attacks Mount, how to secure the Industrial Internet

But the new normal introduces unknowns: from bandwidth and remote access limitations to business email compromises. In this episode of the podcast, we invited Steve Hanna of the firm Infineon back onto the podcast. Steve is the co-chair of the Embedded Systems Workgroup within the Trusted Computing Group. In this conversation, Steve and I talk about the good and bad of COVID – about the dire disruptions to daily life and also how COVID is likely to accelerate some long overdue and needed changes in the way businesses, individuals and societies work. 

Check out our full conversation above!

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