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Now Online: Securing DevOps without Sinking Productivity

If you missed attending it last month, our September discussion with Jason Sabin, CSO of DigiCert and Davi Ottenheimer of IANS on securing DevOps environments is available for viewing.

One of the recurrent themes in our reporting is the difficulty that development organizations have building secure products. That’s especially true as companies embrace so-called agile “continuous” development methodologies and the concept of DevOps.

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Check out our latest webinar on securing DevOps environments.

These changes are essential to supplying products for nimble, always-on, cloud-first environments,  allowing development teams to work both more quickly and efficiently. But – as with many things – going faster introduces risks and reduces the margin for error. That’s true in software development, as well.

The question is how to benefit from the speed and agility of DevOps without sacrificing security. To delve into these issues, Security Ledger recently teamed up with our friends at DigiCert and leading DevOps expert and author Davi Ottenheimer of and the Institute of Applied Network Security (IANS) to unpack the security issues that DevOps and agile raise and to talk about ways that development organizations can improve development agility without sacrificing security.

A recording of our conversation and slides are available online now (note: reg wall) and you can check them out by clicking here.

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