Is Artificial Intelligence a Game Changer for Securing Internet of Things?

AI could be a game changer for securing IoT environments, an article in Forbes posits.

In-brief: Artificial intelligence will be a critical ingredient as enterprises struggle to secure an exploding population of connected devices in the coming years, an article on Forbes argues.

Forbes has an interesting article that looks at whether artificial intelligence might be a critical ingredient in the Internet of Things security paradigm.

“Between six and 15 billion IoT devices are already connected, and the pace will only quicken. By 2020, Gartner IT +0.25% predicts we’ll top 20 billion web-connected ‘things’. In that same year – just four years from now – Gartner expects more than 25% of enterprise security attacks will involve IoT. But currently enterprises are investing only 10% of their security budgets to deal with this growing threat.”

“The surprising new hero in this security frontier is artificial intelligence. Powered by the computing speed afforded by cloud computing, new AI-enriched security tools monitor enormous ream of internal data in real-time, producing prioritized signals that humans then investigate further. Some of those signals may not be actual threats, but a handful of them will be. Security execs can them move speedily to address real threats, while feeding the results of those efforts back to the machines. That’s how AI-based cyber-security tools get smarter over time, producing fewer and fewer false positives with accelerating speed. Securing ‘endpoints’ no longer stops after a user logs into an application; instead, the device is monitored continuously after that to detect new threats.”

What’s pretty amusing about this is that the story appeared to start as a kind of “dog bites man” IoT scare piece (as you can tell from the article’s URL – which suggests it was a “how your [connected thing] can spy on you” story). There’s more of this to come – but its worth checking out the Forbes story for the 100,000 foot view.

Source: Meet The Technology That Could Be A Surprising Savior In Securing The ‘Internet Of Things’ – Forbes

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